The Crystal Tower Map

This is a mini short adventure and puzzle solving map. Your task is to solve puzzle battle monster and boss to make your way through to the top of the tower. The idea and theme of the map is awesome, the down point is that it the map is a bit too short hence you will probably only need about an hour or so to complete this map but then that is by no way an indication of the greatness of this map

The Crystal Tower Map

The Crystal Tower Map

Once you enter MineCraft and start The Crystal Tower Map. You will be spawn at the start of the base of Crystal Tower. You will will spawn at the beginning of maze that you will need to advance through finding specific color switch to open that specific color door, returning back is not an option either cause there is nothing behind you but an endless sky where you will fall to your death. This maze is but one of the many puzzle that you will need to break thought in order to advance to the next floor. Add to that boss battle is challenging, where you would not have much of a weapon to fight them back hence you will need to move around and think of a way to destroy what in front of you by finding hint and way from your surrounding.

While The Crystal Tower Map may be a short map, it nevertheless is a very well made map, with all the puzzle and monster fighting. It is one of the few adventure where when i complete it, i just cannot help but look back and wish there more of it. That how good this adventure map is.

The Crystal Tower Map Main Features

  • Tower base setting, solving puzzle in order to move to the next floor
  • Boss fighting is challenging
  • A very well made adventure map where it showcase how fluent the creator is at using command block

The Crystal Tower Map Pros and Cons


  • Very nicely done adventure map
  • Puzzle solving and boss fighting is challenging


  • It a bit too short to my liking
  • Need to have Snap shot for this map to work

How to install The Crystal Tower Map

  1. Download and install Snap Shot into your computer
  2. Find Save folder in your MineCraft directory
  3. Download The Crystal Tower Map from our download link below
  4. Copy and paste everything into the save folder
  5. Start up MineCraft click on load game and choose this map
  6. Done! Happy Gaming Fellow MineCrafter
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