The Endless Test Map

Do you guys like challenge? The challenge that will come pretty weird and give you some entertainment or maybe you just enjoy playing the game like the Portal series of game. Or you want to experience your brain by playing those bending puzzles in the world of Minecraft? If you would like to, The Endless Test Map that I’m going to show you will really suit your taste.

The Endless Test Map

The Endless Test Map is a pretty interesting and weird map which will bring you a new thing to the world of Minecraft or your world which is the weird creepy puzzle featuring with the command blocks or some hardcore parkour and more insanity. This map is quite a really hard or difficult map full of brutal death counter with no mercy and that will really make those who love challenge interested. This map is quite short for the content, but it will definitely provide you plenty of mayhen during the runs. If you feel bored of the game Minecraft right now, I would like you guys to have a look at this awesome short map that will really make you feel brand new of playing the game Minecraft, and once you have had already enough with it, you will probably come back to your real world of Minecraft with fun!

If you find this awesome The Endless Test Map interesting and useful for you, why don’t you have a great look at it and let just give it a go and try it out to check and see whether if what I said was right or wrong that if could give you some fun and get rid of those boring feeling of the game.

The Endless Test Map Main Features

  • Challenge and mind weird bended map
  • Ridiculously hard about parkour!
  • There is a death counter option
  • Reset you where you died
  • Command block involved

The Endless Test Map Pros and Cons


  • Short, but awesome parkour map full of challenge about insanely difficult runs and puzzle


  • This map might be way too hard for some people and finally they get raged

How to install The Endless Test Map

  1. Download The Endless Test Map from the link download given below
  2. Be sure to select and download the version that work best with your Minecraft version
  3. Search for your Minecraft directory which should be in %appdata%/.minecraft
  4. Look for saves folder
  5. Put all the downloaded file into the saves folder
  6. All done, select the new map from the menu
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