The Escapists Mod

Have you ever played the game called The Escapists? It’s a game on Steam that provides players the opportunity of experiencing a light hearted insight into everyday prison life with the main objective being that of escaping. So, everything you’ve seen or experienced from that game now can be played in Minecraft world with this The Escapists Mod.

TheEscapists Mod

TheEscapists Mod

The Escapists Mod is a mod that has been designed to be based on the Escapists game on Steam. The content of the game is pretty much about eating, exercising, sleeping, reading, working, and finally trying to break a jail. There are so many new blocks and items added with the relatedly filled textures towards that game as well as some items and new mobs too. This mod will make Minecraft become a pretty decent in terms of creativity. The only objective is to break the jail. Of course, there is not only one jail for you to break. Also, each jail is uniquely different that you have to adapt and understand everything about the regulation of the jail. Adapting yourself not to get caught whenever you’re trying to find a clue to progress your way out of the place.

Little by little, step by step playing with this mini-game in Minecraft would be one of the newest feeling and experience that you have ever experienced. Unfortunately, this The Escapists Mod doesn’t really apply 100% the same like the game on steam though which you might not receive the real experience that you normally have when playing that game.

The Escapists Mod Main Features

  • This mod has been designed to give you a new mini game in-Minecraft based on the game the Escapists with so many new stuff added including items and armor, blocks and mobs

The Escapists Mod Pros and Cons


  • Most of the textures in this mod look pretty much the same like you’ve seen in the Escapists and it’s really cool
  • The Escapists in Minecraft version, why not :D?


  • Minecraft Forge with the latest version required
  • This mod is yet not finished completely, so there might be some bugs and some items missing
  • This mod only works with Minecraft 1.7.2 and 1.7.10 currently which will upgrade to the higher version in the future

How to install The Escapists Mod

  1. Download Minecraft Forge form the official website
  2. Download The Escapists Mod from the link download below
  3. Next, navigate yourself into your own Minecraft directory or simply search for %appdata%/.minecraft by default
  4. Look for mods folder and open in
  5. Place the downloaded mod into the mods folder
  6. All done and you are good to go
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