The Great Cheese Map

Do you ever seen this before? If you are real fans Minecraft, Don’t miss this The Great Cheese Map. This’s a little easier for anyone who thought the original map was too dark. If you want to know much more, Just looking at video!

The Great Cheese Map

The Great Cheese Map

The Great Cheese Map

The Great Cheese Map

The Great Cheese Map Main Features

Added the glass ceiling of the map, which was easier and brighter than ever.

Rules :

  • No hacks or mods that would ruin the maps challenge (The only exception to this rule for LP’rs light enough to make their videos for viewing them).
  • Stay within the boundaries of the map.
  • Break what you want.
  • Craft what you think will help.
  • Try to survive.
  • Follow the story line and/or objectives
  • Suggest :
  • Use your favorite texture pack.
  • Make an LP and inform me so I can support your channel.
  • Post adventurous and creative ideas.
  • Play on any difficulty level, This map was made for combat.

How to install The Great Cheese Map

Windows :

  • In Windows Explorer, type in the address bar %appdata%.minecraftsaves. Alternatively this can be entered in the Run dialogue box (Start > Run… or Windows+R).

Mac :

  • While in finder go to Go -> Go to Folder or press [COMMAND] + [SHIFT] + G then enter ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves.
  • This is a mac program compatible with .7z files:

Linux :

  • Type ~/.minecraft/saves/ in your file manager’s address bar, or in the terminal type cd ~/.minecraft/saves.

Any OS :

  1. Open the game.
  2. Click on Mods and Texture packs in the main menu.
  3. Click Open texture pack folder.
  4. Go one directory level up (the folder called .minecraft).
  5. Enter the folder named saves.
  6. Note: this does not work on older versions of Mac OS X.
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