The Hunt Mod

Welcome back to The Hunt Mod that made by Arkif. Basically, It’s mod that adds new item like 3d weapons, trap, hunting gear, and the deer mob for hunting too. It’s pretty cool to help you guys hunting the animal easier. However, this is just the beginning of this creation, and the main idea in creating this mod is to increase food that add a new way to get food in survival. So, before you do something, I recommend you need to learn how to craft the item first. Let’s get start fast.

The Hunt Mod

The Hunt Mod 1

The Hunt Mod Craft 1

The Hunt Mod Craft 2

The Hunt Mod Craft 3


  • All you need is five iron ingots to craft the ‘trap’ that’ll give you two, and for the ‘poisonous trap’ that you just to do is add ‘potion of poison’ with into it or you can also have a ‘splash potion of poison’ that let’s you get the ‘poisonous trap’ too.


  • Next, if you want to make ‘Hunting Shotgun’ that require four gun to craft, first it’s a gun trigger, gun body-shotgun, gun barrel and gun stock. And for craft the ‘Hunting Rifle’ that need five gun to craft it, just need it’s a gun trigger, gun barrel, gun body-rifle, gun stock and gun scope. The last thing that you should have is the ammunition.


  • You need ‘Shotgun Shells’ which is four iron ingots, gunpowder and gold nugget. More over then, you can have an ‘incendiary shotgun shells’ that basically same deal except you add this ‘blaze powder’ too.
  • Another one of the ‘rifle ammo’, it’s pretty simple easy way to craft by need two run iron ingots, and ‘gun barrel ammo’ need six for craft it.

Weapons Tools:

  • First, for ‘Gun Scope’ that just need 6 iron ingots and 2 glass, and next one for ‘Gun Stock’ need five iron ingots and that same for ‘Gun Trigger’ need five.
  • Second, to craft the ‘Gun Body-Shotgun, you should have 5 iron ingots too, but different position.
  • Last, just only need 7 iron ingots for craft ‘Gun Body-Rifle’, that’s it.


  • Finnally, the Hunting Knife for use on a dead deer that it’s a really well knife

Okay, when you have all of this, you can start the game and play The Hunt Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 (1.12.1 not yet) easily. So, find your goal to hunt and whenever you place a trap, you should be careful not close to your trap that cause you may be injured. In addition, let’s try learn how to cook and craft a little new thing.

The Hunt Mod Main Features

With all the features I mentioned above. It will help you guys get new experience as well as hunter. Now, it’s that your turn to change youself to be hunter. First of all, you need to learn how to hunting and using the three main types of weapons in the game: hunting shotgun, hunting rifle and a hunting knife. Before you start hunting don’t forget to craft your item first.

The Hunt Mod Pros and Cons


  • Whenever you use a gun and want to increase your ammunition. It’s easy just simeply right-click that your gun will be reload ammunition into your gun quickly.
  • The best weapon that in my opiniนn is the Hunting Rifle, it’ very long distance damage and you should have it.


  • Don’t use the ‘incendiary shotgun shells’ it will crashes when you kill mobs and you can use it, but when you shoot it out of mob or whatever and like hits them, it crashes the game for some reason. So, we’re not gonna use those

How to install The Hunt Mod

  1. Let’s check that you have Minecraft Forge, download and install if you not have.
  2. Download The Hunt Mod
  3. Go to your run form start menu bar on windows
  4. Type %appdata% and take a look at .minecraft folder
  5. Copy and place the downloaded file .jar into the mods folder
  6. Open your minecraft and play it
  7. Enjoy!
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