The LOST Island Map

The map that I would like to show you guys next is the map called The LOST Island Map. Are you those who love playing the game? What if you do not like puzzle game thingies? No, that’s not possible, if all people do not like playing with the puzzle, it’s one of the most interesting mechanic of every game that need to be added. Anyways, the map that I have for you guys to day will really make you feel fun playing with it for sure.

The LOST Island Map

The LOST Island Map

The LOST Island Map

The LOST Island Map is a custom map full of new challenge, this map is quite like a close replica of the island that they were stranded on. Inside this map, you will have to be awaked and careful of everything surrounded. Because you might accidentally activate tons of the TNT around hooked to traps, but all you do is to use this TnT to do something required in this map. So be careful when you step or act. Moreover, this map contains contain tons of puzzles and quizzes. If you guys have ever watched the LOST TV show before, you might as know well about the story or the background of this map which there will be a lot of references to that TV show or based on it. There will be more than 40 new puzzles for you and for those puzzle-lovers, next quizzes which there are tons of them. Most importantly, the Easter Egg that can be found once you run out of quests and puzzles.

If you find this awesome The LOST Island Map really interesting and you also love playing with the puzzle, please do not forget to follow the updates and some more contents from the main website. You will see so many new things coming from the developer about this map for sure.

The LOST Island Map Main Features

  • This map is quite like a puzzle map which is also a custom map
  • There are more than 40 puzzles available for you to enjoy with
  • There will be tons of quests for you to do and enjoy the game play
  • The Easter Eggs!

The LOST Island Map Pros and Cons


  • This is a map full of puzzle for those who love playing with the puzzle and now you can find it in your Minecraft world with this map installed
  • So many new quests for those who have never played game like this
  • The Easter Eggs that can be found once you run out of quests and puzzles left to do


  • There might not be any bad things about this awesome map except, some minor bugs that do not need to be fixed

How to install The LOST Island Map

  1. Download the map from the link download provided below with the name called The LOST Island Map with .zip file
  2. Go to your Minecraft folder or search for %appdata%/.minecraft
  3. Look for saves folder, then open it to standby
  4. Drag and drop the whole downloaded file into the saves folder
  5. Everything’s done and you are ready to go and play with the new map
  6. Good luck and have fun!
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