The Northin City Map

Hello, guys even if Christmas day have passed, but thing that I would like you guys to have a look at will be related to Christmas theme or winter theme of the map which this map is called The Northin City Map.

The Northin City Map

The Northin City Map

The Northin City Map

The Northin City Map is such an awesome map that also made by Btg, they always give us some stunning stuff that make us mind-blowing or even jaw dropped. Actually, this map was made before the dawn of Christmas Eve approaches. The town or details in this map is like old factory that Santa Claus and his worker used to be very busy finishing all the presents for all the children around the world. As the time has gone by, everything seemed to be developed like the factory into town and further into a city. There is now a transportation being developed including of train stations which help to carry workers to go to work and carry goods. As we are going up, the business gets bigger, we need more workers, so this city has developed a neighboring town for all newer workers and when the factory is full of workers, while there are so many newer workers want to come here and work, of course we have to build another factory. This is kind of like the place that made Christmas existed.

This The Northin City Map might remind you of some good memories when you used to be just a little kid wishing the Santa will come for you with present that you asked for and that is what make most kids behave themselves in exchange with presents.

The Northin City Map Main Features

  • Christmas theme of map which this map is also just a custom map telling the supposing story about the Christmas and the town which Santa Claus and his workers have been doing such hard work for the presents to all of us

The Northin City Map Pros and Cons


  • This map is 100% complete with meta build design together with pleasant 3D art looking in the Christmas theme
  • Such a spectacular map with such beautiful renders


  • This map is yet again an amazing build made by Btg, there is nothing bad about this awesome map

How to install The Northin City Map

  1. Download The Northin City Map from link download below
  2. Be sure to select and download the most compatible version
  3. Go to your Minecraft directory and find saves folder from %appdata%/.minecraft folder
  4. Once you have found the saves folder, just simply paste downloaded map file into this folder
  5. Start game
  6. Select new map
  7. Have fun!
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