The Orphanage Map

Have you ever found out which is the scariest map that you have ever played with your Minecraft? If you haven’t found out one, so I would like to suggest you guys to have a look at this map called The Orphanage Map. This map might be the scariest map for Minecraft for me, but I’m sure that you guys can insist what you will see in this map.

The Orphanage Map

The Orphanage Map is a custom horror map made by omerci. As you know that there are so many scary or horror maps for Minecraft as you have been trying to play with it and beat it, you might find yourself unsatisfied of what you have experienced as it’s not enough right? Let’s see if this map is going to make you satisfied of what it has to offer you. Some of the textures and texture pack needed are the Silent Hill texture pack which there will be lots of jumpscares and scary ambiance coming with 4 different version of languages including of English, Dutch, Turkish, and Chinese. The story of this map is pretty simple, just imagine that you have been driving all the way back to your hometown and your car runs out of gas as you start walking find something or someone to help you out, but the only thing appeared in front of you is an orphanage. There are some rules that you will find in the game and you also have to stick to it including of don’t place or break any blocks, make sure command blocks are on, play on adventure mode, do not use any third party mod or application, codes are not allowed, be sure to read every book you find and keep up with the conversations, play on HARD difficulty.

This The Orphanage Map is really a true horror map that ever created which your mind is going to be blown away by the content given. In addition, this map is pretty huge, so if you get lost, just use /tp -67 23 212. If you do not break any rules and try to play with the game, the fun level will be maximum. Hope you enjoy!

The Orphanage Map Main Features

  • This map is a custom map coming up with the scary, horror, and mysterious theme that suit really well with the details and contents given
  • Some strict rules that you have to obey

The Orphanage Map Pros and Cons


  • There are lots of jumpscares and scary ambiance
  • The scariest horror map ever made in the world of Minecraft
  • Look freaking cool when your Minecraft have Silent Hill texture pack installed


  • This map might require you to have Silent Hill texture pack downloaded and installed first to bring out the best of this map
  • This map might be too large and you could get lost, but just use the number of the tp provided above

How to install The Orphanage Map

  1. Download the map by clicking in the link download provided below
  2. There will be so many files with the name The Orphanage Map available with the version
  3. Choose the version comparing to your Minecraft’s version
  4. Head to your Minecraft directory and put the downloaded file into the saves folder
  5. All done, select the new map from the load save option after the game launched
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