The Prison Horror Map

Do you like playing with the horror game? What if it’s in the world of Minecraft? It’s not going to be scary at all because of the boxy concept, but anyways it would look and feel great if it meets your need. It is actually about scary based on horror-adventure map which will make you feel like you are playing the real horror game within the world of Minecraft. If you would like to feel that way, this The Prison Horror Map will probably suit your taste.

The Prison - Horror Map

The Prison - Horror Map

The Prison - Horror Map

The Prison Horror Map is an extremely adventure map made by the two developers named Dracomagpie and Hmmcrunchy. This map is just a custom map coming up with the horror theme that will provide you a nice storyline which might probably creep you all the time while playing. The objective of this map is about to survive during the night at the old prison. Moreover, you will be spawned at the old prison on the hill and try to keep your life safe from the haunters surrounded. Not only you have to keep an eyes on them, but you need to focus to be conscious as every single piece of the designs in this map are extremely dark and scary. If you use the resource pack based on horror theme, it’s going to be scarier. Imagine if you play with this map with headphone on and light off after midnight! It’s pretty simple that you’ve gotten only two choices, kill or be killed

If you are looking for an adventure map based on the horror stuff, so this The Prison Horror Map is the chosen one from many others out there. The storyline is interesting, the plot is pretty good and the quest given is not that difficult. It’s not really that scary as it’s based on adventuring, but the atmosphere is over level 9000! If you love scary and horror stuff, you should not miss this map though, or you will be regretted.

The Prison Horror Map Main Features

  • It is the horror with adventure map
  • There is Texture pack included within the download link
  • The map is provided you guys to survive during the night

The Prison Horror Map Pros and Cons


  • The atmosphere surroundings in everyplace together with the environment make this map extremely scary and dark. It means that this is such a huge success that have brought the finest horror mood presented to you guys
  • New horror storyline with quests assigned, lots of fun


  • It is the first version, so you might find some bugs while you are playing with it
  • If you do not like the horror map or the atmosphere indicating this is the actual horror, this map won’t suit you then
  • The only thing you have to do is to survive the night

How to Install  The Prison Horror Map

  1. Download The Prison Horror Map with the most compatible version
  2. Navigate yourself to your saves folder in your Minecraft directory, if you don’t know where it is, just follow the next step
  3. Start the searching browser and type in %appdata%/.minecraft/saves
  4. Copy and drop the downloaded new map into the saves folder
  5. Start the game, select new map that you just installed
  6. Play game and have fun!
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