The Protector Map

Are you bored to build your house, farm or anything? Do you want to be a hero and protect the villagers? If you are a fighter who like to kill monsters or enemys. Now, it is an opportunity for you to change your normal character to be a hero. This is because, the map will set you as the hero to fight with darkness. If you do like to be a hero, I would like to introduce you guys with this full adventure map 100% called The Protector Map.

The Protector Map

The Protector Map

The Protector Map

The Protector Map is a map created by the developer named UNLIKELY WAFFLE. This map will make you feel different from any other maps. This is because, it won’t have beautiful views, textures or new items for you to use because in this map you’ll use only your weapons to keep you alive! The main content of this map is including a short story for you to enjoy with the game. In this story you’ll live in the big old wood’s house with your dad who are the protector but he got sick that the doctor won’t cure him for some reasons, so you become a next protector instead of your father of the village. In the other word, we can say that you were born to be a monster killer.

If you guys love to adventure or travel with darkness, this map is the most proper one for you. This is because, it is a 100% adventure map which will make you feel excited all the time while playing the game. You were assigned the quests to do and follow its command and also having to keep fighting with the monster of darkness. Careful! If you let your weapons down, they’ll haunt and eat you. Be sure to try this The Protector Map out! Or you will be regretted.

The Protector Map Main Features

  • This map is a 100% adventure mode
  • Its content is pretty much like a short story for you to enjoy with it
  • This map is supposed to be played in single-player only

The Protector Map Pros and Cons


  • You guys will gain different experience of playing this game
  • Loads of fun!
  • It does not waste your time for building and planting, just born to kill
  • This map is proper for players who have no more time to play a game because it use less  time to clear this map


  • It’s required to be played with only 1 player to get the best experience out of this map
  • The story in map was too short
  • You’ll be allowed to stay in the rooms like a dungeon only

How to install The Protector Map

  1. Download The Protector Map by clicking in the link download provided
  2. When you are in a download page, just select and download only one version that is the most similar to your game
  3. Go to %appdata%
  4. Head to .minecraft
  5. Look for saves folder
  6. Drop the downloaded file into the saves folder
  7. Launch the game, select the new map from the load save menu
  8. Play game, have fun!
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