The Pyke Castle Map

If you are feeling bored with Minecraft right now, here is another map that I would like to suggest and recommend you guys to check and give this awesome map a go which will entertain you and also give you loads of fun that will never make you feel bored for a while. That map is called The Pyke Castle Map.

The Pyke Castle Map

The Pyke Castle Map

The Pyke Castle Map

The Pyke Castle Map is a really cool map which is nicely made by ‘chemicalweapons’. As much as you can expect from the title, that is certainly what you think! This is a really unique map which might be half-based on the well-known series called Game of Thrones. If you have been watching Game of Thrones, you might recognize this thing as well. Don’t you like, no! Love some epic buildings and castles? Have you ever wondered the castle that you can see in Game of Thrones will be applying in to Minecraft? No, you haven’t. This is like a dream comes true which is my dream. After I watch Game of Thrones for hundred times, I sat in front of my computer and try to build things that I have seen from the series, but I can’t do that. So, I try to find if there is someone who make some awesome buildings from the series I really love and this one response to my wish and fulfill my dream. I really thank to him. This Map is just a map with a large castle perched on top of a huge rocky cliff side. The Pyke Castle Map is really perfect for those who love to explore, not just use some skills and knowledge do solve some puzzles, something like that. Moreover, this map can be used or worked really well in a PvP gaming style!

So, with the features given by this The Pyke Castle Map. If you like Game of Thrones and its epic cities and catles, there is no reason that you will not download this awesome map. Be sure to download and install this piece of wonderful art work for your Minecraft today.

The Pyke Castle Map Main Features

  • A recreated castle from the popular series Game of Thrones

The Pyke Castle Map Pros and Cons


  • This is a really cool map for castle which look so unique
  • This map contains one of the est castle map that I have ever seen
  • This map is like half-based on the series Game of Thrones


  • This map is just a stand alone map which there is not much things to do
  • You can only do exploration, do not expect more than this

How to install The Pyke Castle Map

  1. Download The Pyke Castle Map
  2. Go to start menu, type in %appdata%
  3. Open .minecraft and look for saves folder
  4. Drag and drop the downloaded map into saves folder
  5. Start the game and check if the map is installed properly by checking from the menu selection
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