The Rc Mod for Minecraft - Have you been informed about the ongoing development of this “The RC Mod” or not. This is good news and the most realistic on the development of the latest version of Minecraft. You can experience a wonderful and exciting to play this version of minecraft. The RC Mod Was designed perfectly and has been further developed. with all the new features in the next update version as soon.

The RC Mod is the most creative, and it is the desire of many people. If you are a fan of this version “The RC Mod“, I’m sure you remember about the creative process and to keep track of this. Now. it has been updated to be able to run the latest version of Minecraft. If you are ready just download The RC Mod Now! If you have dreamed about creating a business vehicle, or if you like these work great. This is best one of popular version. you should not miss. You can download and install it from here. Just look for the link down the bottom of the article.

The RC Mod allows you to edit and control the distance of the vehicle for the game Minecraft Mod RC. It’s an advanced Remote Control and is designed to improve the lot to be able to respond to a version of it to the full. . If you are ready to experiment and try this version. I recommend that you try to build the RC Mod that you like and test it by yourself. You will find an amazing experience about this version. In addition, it has been updated and upgraded to the most modern and efficient. You will feel fun to play this game.

The Rc Mod Screenshots

The Rc Mod

The Rc Mod

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The RC Mod Crafting Recipes

  • RC Helicopter :

The Rc Mod

  • Remote Control 8Ch

The Rc Mod

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The RC Mod Features

  • Update and fix the newest addition to The RC Mod, Add The RC Apache helicopter and The RC Abrams tank is now WIP.
  • Update new release with current Minecraft version.

The RC Mod Changelogs

  • RC Apache added.
  • RC Apache crafting recipe added.
  • RC Abrams added.
  • RC Abrams crafting recipe added.
  • Rockets added.
  • Shells added.
  • Texture issues fixed for RC entities.
  • Item names changed.
  • Crafting recipe changed.
  • Version checker added.
  • RC entities’ weapon reload time increased.
  • Thrust of the Trainer plane and F-102 decreases with increase in speed.
  • RC Trainer plane and F-102 top speed reduced.
  • Missiles and bombs are slightly more accurate.
  • Missiles and bombs turn slightly slower.
  • RC F-102 landing gear wont extend above 75% throttle.
  • RC XD falling through the ground bug fixed.
  • RC Car has a small chance of flipping during turns.
  • RC Car wont flip backwards while jumping in reversing.
  • RC Boat roll effect added due to waves.
  • RC Boat has turn momentum while out of the water.
  • RC Boat partical effect fix.
  • RC Boat can bounce off water.
  • Improved damage system for all RC entities.
  • Weapons mode bug fixed.
  • Weapon loading on Overlay bug fixed.
  • Overlay will display Rotor RPM for the RC Helicopter and Apache.
  • Stall warning on Overlay for RC trainer plane and F-102 added.
  • Backwards view for chase cam removed.
  • Net code changed.
  • RC entities yaw jump bug fixed.
  • Crash bug with multiple RC entities fixed.
  • More minor bugs fixed.

How to install The Rc Mod

  1. Download and and install MCForge
  2. Download The RC Mod
  3. Delete the “META-INF” folder in your “minecraft.jar”. Don’t delete it in your server file.
  4. Run your client or server to make sure you’ve installed Forge correctly.
  5. Open “The RC Mod” and put the “The RC Mod” .zip into the “mods” folder inside your .minecraft folder.
  6. Just Put and Drop the “resources” folder inside your .minecraft folder.
  7. Done!

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