The Spice of Life Mod

Hi, today I’m talking about is the mod called The Spice of Life Mod. Don’t you think life in Minecraft is way too easy for you? Food is easy to find and to make? Yes it is, but there is no such thing to fix this problem as it helps to provide you the convenience and comfort which there might be some people who want the world of Minecraft to be a bit challenging by making the food is the matter of things?

The Spice of Life Mod

The Spice of Life Mod

The Spice of Life Mod

The Spice of Life Mod is a mod made by squeek502 who have come up with a really great idea that really suit my taste. Basically, this mod will focus on food, but not to make it better because the old one already OP like those Grilled Steak or Beef which fill too much hunger bar. So, the goal of this mod is to encourage players about dietary variety through DR or diminishing returns. About DR, those who do not know that word, DR or diminishing returns is the word describing that if you do something again and again, the result will be lesser and lesser.

Comparing to the food or the goal of this mod that will order you to eat various types of food because if you keep eating the same food again and again will give you fewer and fewer hunger restored each time. This mod is really interesting as it forces you to eat different kinds of food instead of beef from you cow spawner! Which this mod also helps to nerf the food that is way too OP. But how do you know the value of each food or which one you have eaten.

No worries about that, because this mod also provides you the new HUD and tooltip that when you holding shift while holding the food, there will be the food values shown and the new HUD overlay that when you are holding food, the hunger baryou’d get from eating it flashes on the screen and that is freaking awesome!

If you find eating too OP, here is The Spice of Life Mod that is the helper to make you solve that problem as well as give you the variety of game-play. This kind of mod is really interesting and if you feel the same way with me, so why don’t you give it a go right now?

The Spice of Life Mod Main Features

  • When holding shift while holding food, the food values will be shown
  • New hunger or saturation bar HUD overlay added
  • Food exhaustion HUD underlay added

The Spice of Life Mod Pros and Cons


  • This mod will really help you to have a real challenge by eating different food because if you keep eating the same food, your hunger bar won’t be filled
  • This mod helps to encourage dietary variety through diminishing returns


  • Minecraft Forge should be installed first before you can play with this mod
  • This mod forces you to eat different kinds of food which you might don’t like it

How to install The Spice of Life Mod

  1. Download The Spice of Life Mod by clicking in the link download provided below
  2. Be sure to select and download the version most compatible with your game by comparing the version
  3. Once you have downloaded the file, just rest it
  4. Download and install Minecraft Forge with the same version of your Minecraft game
  5. Go to your Minecraft directly by searching on the run browser %appdata%/.minecraft/mods
  6. In the mods folder, you just copy and paste the downloaded file of this mod into the mods folder
  7. Start the game and enjoy!
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