The Ultimate Unicorn Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

Another cool mod that is like a dream come true for most of us which is the mod called The Ultimate Unicorn Mod. It’s obviously seen what the title points out and suggests about the features that will be implemented into the game right? You will be experiencing with the world’s best horse related mod that you’ve never seen before in your entire life as well as your entire experience that you’ve had for this game.

The Ultimate Unicorn Mod

The Ultimate Unicorn Mod

The Ultimate Unicorn Mod

The Ultimate Unicorn Mod is a mod that simply implements in 2 types of horse. They are normal though. They are Unicorn and Pegasus. These two are derived from the Ancient Greek Mythology. Not only that, they look extremely mysterious as well as super awesome. They could be very useful if you can actually manage to tame them though. Of course, they are pretty powerful and the unicorn is actually aggressive.

Luckily, these new horses are really rare to find in your world. It’s not like you walk around for 5 minutes and find the two of them. That would actually cost you around 1-2 days in real life just to find them referring to my time though. What you have to do when you find them is to find a way to tie them down with a fence post if that’s possible and if you are quick enough. Be sure to do things quietly and carefully. The Unicorn is easier to catch though as you just need to dig down the ground. For Pegasus, it can just fly away which you need the lead and fence. They are tamed by eating golden apple, which costs your arms and legs for sure. They are pretty complex and much better than the standard horses, they can also be dressed up with new modded armor and saddles as well.

By simply pressing F will order the unicorn to use its horn to gore the target. This The Ultimate Unicorn Mod also gives special ability slot which will allow the new horses to perform special attacks once the helmets with the right magic wands, these unicorns and Pegasus can actually fire lightning bolts. Keep in mind that, Pegasus would be worth the time to spend for as you can ride them and fly into the sky.

The Ultimate Unicorn Mod Main Features

  • This mod adds in 2 new horses which are unicorn and Pegasus based on the ancient Greek mythology
  • There is a new slot for new horses as well which can be loaded with new and special items provided by this mod too
  • There is special slot used to fill the magic wand allowing the horses to perform special attack

The Ultimate Unicorn Mod Pros and Cons


  • These two new horses are freaking good looking as well as powerful than the standard ones
  • You can dress them up with special slots and extra slots provided which can even boost up the flying and running speed too
  • It could be your new best friend as it helps you a lot in fight when you manage to get your hands on the magic wands


  • They are really rare to find, if you manage to find one within 1 hour, you may be one of the luckiest one ever
  • Minecraft Forge is needed
  • The Pegasus is actually impossible to tame though as it could fly away really fast
  • They can be tamed with golden apples, which is pretty expensive

How to install The Ultimate Unicorn Mod

  1. Download the mod, The Ultimate Unicorn Mod with .jar or .zip file
  2. Download Minecraft Forge
  3. Be sure to download both files with the same version comparing to your game
  4. Have Minecraft forge installed first
  5. Browse to %appdata% and look for .minecraft
  6. Head into mods folder
  7. Copy the downloaded mod file
  8. Place it into the mods folder without extracting or doing anything further to the file
  9. Start the game
  10. Done
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