The Void Map

There are too many of those parkour maps, they keep getting boring and boring time to time over and over. Don’t you feel tired of playing with it? Still, you guys enjoy playing with the new map right? Why don’t you just check something else probably the adventure maps like this one, The Void Map.

The Void Map

The Void Map

The Void Map is an amazing map made by TERMINUS_2409. Basically, those pictures don’t really tell you anything right? It’s extremely complicated which you really have to figure everything out yourself. First of all, this map is based on the adventure which there is no such a challenge or jumping puzzle or even puzzle at all. You are going to follow the story line provided using the hard commands. All you have to do is to read the chat box and flow together with it. I could tell you that the story of this map might be a little bit odd, but once you have finished the game, you will find the true meaning of this map. If you are those who can’t be endured against the depressing time or the darkest hour, you are not suited to be playing with it. Basically, you are going to discover the space stations and most of you would be well-known about the weird thing that often happens in space, the bad things probably. However, this map should be played with a single player only and you are recommended to use the default texture pack as well.

If the pictures and what I mentioned don’t make any senses to you, you’d better check this awesome The Void Map out yourself. While you are enjoying your time in space and discover space stations, it’s the same time when something bad happens. Follow the storyline and you will see the end of the game and all the mysterious things will be solved.

The Void Map Main Features

  • This map is based on the adventure maps category
  • The name of this map or the void is a space-designed based
  • You will be acted as an astronaut and also playing in the future time or in the year 2078

The Void Map Pros and Cons


  • This map definitely is an awesome map with awesome storyline
  • This map contains beautiful structure of all the buildings based on the space and the space station
  • This map is using hard commands that even make it more interesting


  • This map tends to focus mostly on the storyline going on in the chat, if you are those who are lazy to read or don’t like this kind of map, you will find it less interesting
  • This map is too short
  • The end of the story will be odd

How to install The Void Map

  1. Download The Void Map with the latest or the most compatible version from the link download provided below
  2. Search for %appdata% and look for .minecraft
  3. Open .minecraft folder
  4. Head into saves folder
  5. Drop the downloaded map file here in the saves folder
  6. All done, start the game and enjoy
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