The Void Tests Map

A simple puzzle map, but unique and attractive with the theme it came up with is what we actually need right? We do enjoy any puzzle maps as we can improve ourselves skills and to enjoy solving the puzzle and the feeling that we couldn’t describe once we correctly solve the puzzle. I’ve found one that meets our needs. It’s just a simple puzzle map with a very unique theme and puzzles to solve called The Void Tests Map.

The Void Tests Map

The Void Tests Map is made by jae_elemental41. This map is based on the puzzle maps offering the players totally 15 levels. Each level will vary difficulty and theme giving you the unique feeling when played as well. As you can see in those screenshots above, that might be something not really interesting at all. The overall look of this map is like just a simple puzzle map without any new thing special about it. What makes this map interested to me is that the atmosphere and the feeling of everything surrounded you that will put you under pressure because of the dark, void theme. You will be working under that status. That’s such a huge challenge to me and made me really enjoyed playing with it. You might need to install the custom resource pack as well to bring out the best provided by this map. The more you make progress, the more varied difficulty you will face

If you are interested in this The Void Tests Map with its absolutely stunning theme about the void full of mysteries, why don’t you give it a go right now? It’s going to be such a memorable experience that you will never forget for what you’ve been through in this awesome map. Hope you have fun.

The Void Tests Map Main Features

  • This map is a puzzle map with void theme and a custom resource pack
  • There are 15 levels provided with differently varied difficulty
  • Some easter eggs included as well

The Void Tests Map Pros and Cons


  • With the void theme together with the resource pack even make everything look worse as it’s like you are pulled into the void each time you decide to take a step
  • Looking at the pictures, they are all like the parkour map right? But actually it’s based on the puzzle which mean that you will be challenged in both of them
  • With the extremely dark theme of the map will make it feels mysterious, your mood will be changed completely to be under pressure, let’s see if you can overcome that


  • You need to install the resource pack attached in the downloaded file as well
  • It might be a little bit too hard with the higher levels for some people though

How to install The Void Tests Map

  1. Download The Void Tests Map from the link download
  2. Go to %appdata%/.minecraft/saves
  3. In the saves folder, you just put the downloaded file into this folder
  4. All done
  5. Start the game
  6. Select the new challenge map
  7. You are good to go
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