The You Will Die Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

The Mod will appeal to those hardcore MineCraft gamers. Those of you who find MineCraft turning into boring game, no longer find it challenging to kill zombies anymore or find building houses no longer fun. This is the mod for you. The You Will Die Mod, will as the title say make you die if you are not careful with where you are going or you go explore unprepared. This mod originally was created in 96 hours to complete in a MineCraft Mod contest. Naturally contest version of this game is actually quite buggy, but with time on their side they spend a lot of time in refining this mod and actually make it into a pretty awesome mod. This mod will challenge player like never before and it sure will make hardcore MineCrafter go well hardcore again.

The You Will Die Mod

The You Will Die Mod

The You Will Die Mod basically adds traps system, where traps will randomly appear around the world, those that are not careful will get kill by it. There are way to avoid trap, it either by carefully observing or trying to disarm a trap (with 25% success rate per try) Shears will disarm a trap successfully 100% but the trap will be destroy in the process. There mystery potion and as the name say it mysterious you will need to experience it yourself, I rather not spoil it for you. There weapon stats added, you will see your weapon base damage and all. This system makes MineCraft into more of a RPG game. There more dungeons for player to explore. There a blessing system (work like a buff). There also quest like system being implant in, so you will have objective when you play rather than just running around like a headless chicken.

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The You Will Die Mod Main Features

  • Quest System
  • Spell Casting and Bless system
  • Random Traps in the world
  • Monster Levels and Rating system
  • Brand New Dungeons being generate
  • Mysterious Mystery potions
  • Weapon Rating and Ranking
  • Observe system where you can observe a monster or identify traps

The You Will Die Mod Pros and Cons


  • A lot of new feature being added into MineCraft, it actually make you wonder whether it the same game
  • MineCraft became more challenging


  • Plug in require
  • Sometime while playing you might encounter a few minor bugs

How to install The You Will Die Mod

  1. Download Forge and install it into your computer first
  2. Once install is done type in %appdata% at run and find Roaming folder
  3. Download The You Will Die Mod from our Download Link
  4. Search for .minecraft folder then find sub folder call mods
  5. Copy and paste the whole The “You Will Die” Mod into this folder
  6. Startup MineCraft and you are good to go! Happy Gaming Fellow MineCrafter!
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