Third Person Elytra Mod

Have you ever used Elytra before? It’s some sort of equipment that let you fly or glide really fast in the sky. It’s one of the best feature that Minecraft has to offer, but there is nothing perfect though. Whenever you take flights, you will see that your camera will be forced into first person point of view and if you feel like you want to have it set permanently into third person point of view, just check and have this Third Person Elytra Mod installed.

Third Person Elytra Mod

Third Person Elytra Mod has been designed to alter one of the biggest issues that always occur when using the Elytra. As you can see that the title literally explains it all that will implement a fixed point of view. In other words, when you are about to take flight with your beloved Elytra. Normally, it will start up with first person camera all the time right? And you have to switch it manually yourself. By using the third person point of view when flying will give better feelings as well as wider sight. Vanilla Minecraft has designed the game to force you to start flying with first person, but hey you don’t have to switch it every time you are going to take flight as this mod will force the camera to be set into third person all the time.

It might not be that necessary towards whatever this Third Person Elytra Mod has to offer, but a little bit of inconvenience and problem will bring all the mood and the aspect of gameplay down a lot in the near future, so just get rid of it by having this mod installed.

Third Person Elytra Mod Main Features

  • This mod pretty much force the camera to start up in third person mode every single time when taking flights with the Elytra

Third Person Elytra Mod Pros and Cons


  • With this mod installed, you don’t have to switch from first person point of view to third person point of view every time you are about to take flight
  • It’s very convenient as well as it helps to get rid of the annoying part of using this amazing Elytra


  • This mod won’t work without Minecraft Forge installed
  • This mod is not that necessary though as you could just manually switch between point of view yourself

How to install Third Person Elytra Mod

  1. Minecraft Forge required! So, download and install it first and be sure that it’s the most compatible version comparing to your game
  2. Download the mod file with the latest version with the named Third Person Elytra Mod.jar or .zip file
  3. Go to %appdata% and open in .minecraft folder
  4. In here, find mods folder and open it
  5. Drop the downloaded file here without extracting it
  6. Start the game
  7. Have fun
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