The next map that I would like to suggest to you guys is the mod called THIS IS NOT A MAP. Have you ever heard of the game called This is Not a Game? IF you have, you might have a good guess of this map that it might be related on that game, but yes it is. Let’s check it out!



THIS IS NOT A MAP is a pretty cool map even if the title says that this is not a map, but still this is not a map lol. Are you guys confused? So, as you may know that this mod is based on the game called This Is not a Game which made by the artificial intelligence named D.A.V.E. All the text dialogue that can be found here was made by Half Roman. Inside this map you will find yourself being put in the other world which was created beautifully, but there are some strict rule like, are you under 18 cause you then you can’t play, Don’t pull any sneaky shit you under 18 swine! Which you can choose that if you are above 18 or under 18 to select like game mode. You’d better choose above 18 or else it won’t let you play with this map :D. In this map, there will be like you and the robot created by the command blocks which it would be great if you can imagine that you are talking to it, so much fun and funny. Basically, here is the tip that if that auto robot say something like you shouldn’t do that, shouldn’t do this, you’d better do it. Everything it says, just do the different thing and you will find the way through the game!

There is so much content added by this THIS IS NOT A MAP which the map itself looks so awesome because it provides some mysterious atmosphere and it’s huge and large with a really good story line based on the game. If you find this map interesting and fun, you might want to try it out! The link download is given below, be sure to check it out!

THIS IS NOT A MAP Main Features

  • Robot created by the command blocks saying in the background when you act
  • Huge, large custom map based on the game named This Is Not A Game

THIS IS NOT A MAP Pros and Cons


  • This is the map that will blow your mind, with the features and both contents and details which based on the This Is Not a Game game.


  • This map might be too confused for some reason which you have to check it out yourself to see how exactly this map is
  • The atmosphere of this map is so uncomfortable

How to install THIS IS NOT A MAP

  1. Download THIS IS NOT A MAP from the link download below
  2. Be sure to check and download the version that best suit your game’s version
  3. Head to your Minecraft folder by searching for %appdata%/roaming
  4. Open in the .minecraft folder and find saves folder and open it
  5. Copy and paste the downloaded file into the saves folder
  6. All done!
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