Too Many Chickens Mod

That adds a lot of chickens more then 49 and it will lay some sorts of resources. So, let’s take a look nice feature of this Too Many Chickens Mod! First of all, you will got unique chickens which spawn on special condition and 100% survival friendly crafting. Last, this mod will improve your game much by add ore and other material laying chickens.

Too Many Chickens Mod

Too Many Chickens Mod 1

Too Many Chickens Mod 2

Too Many Chickens Mod 3

Okay guys, let’s get start the Too Many Chickens Mod by go to the forest, taiga or plains. And find the white chicken then take it to your home. From now, you will get the first egg and then just hatch and breed them. Next, just crafting any chicken that you wan’t by placing the white egg at middle and don’t forget to making a chest pattern around it.

Too Many Chickens Mod Main Feature

  • Okay guys! These are chickens that you must to know it before playing this mod.
  • First, you can be layed by use Stone Chicken that for Cobblestone Chicken, Andesite Chicken, Diorite Chicken, Granite Chicken.
  • Next, this is only condition of Obsidian Chicken by throw a Water Chicken in to lava and it will spawn.
  • So, next on that you can throw Sand Chicken into fire or lava and you will get the Glass Chicken.
  • Then, you guys just throw Netherrack Chicken at fire or lava and it will change to the Nether Brick Chicken.
  • And for the Brick Chicken, you just throw Clay Chicken into fire or lava and then will transform.
  • Throw Oak Chicken in the same way into fire or lava, then you will get Charcoal Chicken
  • Last, if you want the Easter Chicken that you guys just find by your self

Too Many Chickens Mod Pros and Cons


  • If you would like to get other chickens except White Chicken, you can craft it by some certain resources.
  • Just find the recipes frome here


  • Just need the minecraft forge before playing

How to install Too Many Chickens Mod

  1. Download and install the minecraft forge before play it
  2. Then, go to download the Too Many Chickens Mod
  3. Find the run on windows menu bar
  4. Type %appdata% and it will go to the .minecraft folder
  5. Next, just drag and drop the file downloaded into .mods folder
  6. Open your launcher of minecraft and playing this mod.
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