Too Many Mobs Mod

I know that most of you guys would love to have an awesome resource pack, mod, or plugin installed for your server in order to make your world becomes much more interesting. Also, most of those thing might make your game look less or better depending on your preference too. Some of them that you don’t like, you might feel that it wastes your time of downloading and trying it, but you know if you find the one that could make you enjoy, I mean spend all day long-playing it. For now on I would like to present this Too Many Mobs Mod for you. Let’s see the awesome screenshots below!

Too Many Mobs Mod

Too Many Mobs Mod

Too Many Mobs Mod

Too Many Mobs Mod is a mod which is made by ‘froghog’ that could attract you pretty much by its features. This mod will add many various mobs to the world of Minecraft. So, for those who are tired or bored of the same mobs, like skeleton, zombie, creeper, cow, chicken, sheep and more that you can find normally in every single place in the world. You might find this one a must! The new mobs added are bearded dragon, platypus, monkey, orce whale, crawling zombie, bear, eagle, deer. Some of them are tamble, and some of them are monster which are hostile too. Whale look more common than squids and will travel, I mean swim as a group which will drop whale oil and bones upon death! The most dangerous thing for me in this mod is the bear which will attack almost all mobs which the players are included, they have very strong attack damages. New items like whale oil can be use as a smelting fuel which can cooks or melt 10 items in the furnace.

I hope you enjoy and interest with a few information about it, and some screenshots above, too. With this mod installed, your world will certainly become much more cheerful and interesting with new mobs that you have never imaged that they are existed! Be sure to check this awesome Too Many Mobs Mod out. I guarantee that this mod would not waste your time!

Too Many Mobs Mod Main Features

  • This mod adds in many new animals, monster, and mobs to Minecraft

Too Many Mobs Mod Pros and Cons


  • You can build an awesome zoo with this mod
  • You might explore the wilderness with new mobs which full of fun!


  • This mod requires Minecraft Forge to install

Too Many Mobs Mod Change Log

  • The banner got screwed up
  • More new awesome pictures added
  • New deer model added which drop either raw deer or cooked deer
  • Eagle and wings added
  • Polar bear added
  • Mobs not spawning naturally or with egg fixed
  • Some textures updated
  • Compatibility with the latest version of Minecraft

How to install Too Many Mobs Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download Too Many Mobs Mod
  3. Browse to %appdata% and look for ‘.minecraft’ folder
  4. Find ‘mods’ folder
  5. Drag and paste the downloaded file into the ‘mods’ folder
  6. Launch the game and check if the mod is completely installed
  7. Have fun!