Toontown Mod

Your favorite childhood cartoon is going to be alive! Yes i am not kidding you with that statement. With Toontown Mod, every npc in your MineCraft game will be change to look like donal duck, micky mouse and so on.




Toontown Mod will appeal to those who love cartoon characters. With this mod on in your MineCraft game, random cartoon character will appear in MineCraft world. There a whole lot of cartoon character being added. Different cartoon character have different personality. For example, if you met snoopy, you are able to tame him using bone and you can heal it health point with meat, then if you found Bugs Bunny you can make it follow you by holding onto a carrot and while he is following you there a chance that Bug Bunny will drop carrot too.

So download Toontown Mod today and experience what each and different character does and do. You will be in for a treat and if you are also a fan of those cute little fluffy character then you gonna love this mod and will want to try to tame every possible character if it possible! Remember to like us on this website to show your support, that way we can continue to update what going on in MineCraft world on daily basis.

Toontown Mod Main Features

  • Added a lot of cartoon character into MineCraft
  • Cartoon character come with different personality

Toontown Mod Pros and Cons


  • It really fun trying to find every detail about a character and find way to tame them
  • The more the merrier right


  • Require Plug in

Toontown Mod Change Log

  • Add tranformer to the latest version
  • Add receipt to a lot of new item
  • Compatible with the latest MineCraft Version

How to install Toontown Mod

  1. Download and Install the latest Forge version and make sure it funny funtional
  2. Download Toontown Mod from our download link below
  3. Find .minecraft folder found in roaming
  4. Locate Mod folder found in .minecraft folder
  5. Copy and paste this mod into Mod folder
  6. Done! Happy Gaming Fellow MineCrafter
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