Tough Expansion Mod

It’s add-on of the Tough As Nails Mod which really require ‘p455w0rdsLib’ to install before using this mod. Tough Expansion Mod it’s also support with Baubles Mod and working very well. Let’s start to beginning.

Tough Expansion Mod

Tough Expansion Mod Main Features

  • There are some features that add new item of Portable Temperature Regulator which allow you to maintains player temp to a comfortable and require the ‘RF’, ‘Water’ for function

Tough Expansion Mod Pros and Cons


  • Add-on of the ‘Tough As Nails’ and support well with ‘Baubles’
  • There are some item to maintains player temp that useful for player


  • Require the RF and Water
  • Really need the minecraft forge before playing this mod

How to install Tough Expansion Mod

  1. Download and install the Minecraft Forge at first time
  2. Then, install the ‘p455w0rdsLib mod’ because this required
  3. Open ‘run’ at your windows menu bar
  4. Type %appdata% and looking folder .minecraft
  5. Drag and drop the file downloaded .jar into your mods folders
  6. Launcher your minecraft game and playing!
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