Twilight Saga Mod

Welcome to this article again, I know that many people are paying attention to this issue . And since “Twilight Saga Mod” it has been very popular and improved or developed until the new name. We called “The Twilight Forest Mod”, I am sure that many people may be surprised as to why this name. As an update, this name makes it easy to understand and many of the players want the official name. If you are interested and would like to download or install this version, you can download “Twilight Saga Mod “.

Twilight Saga Mod Feature

OK guy!, If I mentioned the story about Twilight or if you ever track or you favorite this movie before, I’m sure you will know about this story, It’s about vampires, and werewolves . Twilight Saga Mod this is a model that will help you get more fun. Sure, it can be used in the most recent version of Minecraft. Personally, I tried version 1.6.4 and it works great. If you want to use this version 1.6.4+ (or above), you can test it as well. Of course, it is still being developed continuously. If you find a problem or error with work, or you find that it is not compatible with the other versions. Please report this to us know.

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Twilight Saga Mod Lore

Legendary love between a vampire and a human being begins, they must fight to protect the humans they love. But the love story between a human and a vampire, is to be kept confidential. They need to face tests, including the tremendous struggle between the races. It also had to contend with werewolves. This is just a myth that long story which it is starting up….

How to Install Twilight Saga Mod

  1. Download Twilight Saga Mod
  2. Download and install ModLoader
  3. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  4. Run Minecraft and select “mods and texture pack” under “multiplayer”
  5. Then a folder will pops-up
  6. Go to the “mod” folder
  7. Drag and drop the mod (without unzipping)
  8. Enjoy!