Twilight Zone Mod

I don’t really like to present mods which are WIP (work in progress) but the Twilight Zone Mod is the exception of it. A twilight zone is a dimension zone of one imagination where it exist between the middle group of light and shadow and it as wide as the universe itself. I have no idea why this mod is call Twilight Zone anyhow lolz.

The Twilight Zone Mod

The Twilight Zone Mod

The Twilight Zone Mod

Alright so what new in Twilight Zone Mod is that, there a new monster in this mod! Cool right? Would it be even more cooler when i say that the new monster is a shapeshifter? Yes i bet it is. What Shapeshifter basically do is when you face one of them, they will change their appearance to what you look like ( which actually make it feel like you twin brother/sister) and they will try to kill you. This mod also add a name tag system. What this features does is, it will change the appearance of whoever you name it. This feature could be very useful in public server, this feature will allow you to camouflage yourself to whoever it is you consider enemy and destroy their house when they are not looking.

Twilight Zone Mod is only about 45% complete, so expect more update to this mod in the future. Why not like us on this page and keep yourself updated.

Twilight Zone Mod Main Features

  • Add new monster call shapeshifter
  • Add new feature call Name tag where you can use it to change your name and appearance accordingly.

Twilight Zone Mod Pros and Cons


  • There can be no bad in new monster which mean new challenge
  • Name tag features sound very promising, i am looking forward to using it


  • Require Plug in
  • Still far from the complete project

Twilight Zone Mod Change Log

  • Change texture of some blocks
  • Compatible with the latest MineCraft Version

How to install Twilight Zone Mod

  1. Download and install the latest Forge and make sure it work properly
  2. Download Twilight Zone Mod from our download link below
  3. Locate Mod folder found in your .minecraft
  4. Copy and Paste everything into Mod folder
  5. Done! Happy Gaming Fellow MineCrafter
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