UCK’s Sword Art Online Mod

If you never heard of Sword Art Online or in short SAO then i would like to know where have you been hiding. The animation is so successful that it make non animate watcher take note and start watching animate. Let skip all that and let me introduce you to UCK’s Sword Art Online Mod. Granted that this mod is still pretty much a WIP ( work in progress) but then the basic idea and structure is in place.

UCK's Sword Art Online Mod

UCK's Sword Art Online Mod 1

UCK's Sword Art Online Mod 2

Let take a look at UCK’s Sword Art Online Mod together. Currently this mod only add-on weapons and one armor set. But do not be mistaken by when i say only add weapons and armor, this mod actually add a lot of new weapons into MineCraft. Most of the weapon are so powerful that it make the original MineCraft monsters seem like a piece of cake. Oh this mod also add three new crafting material into MineCraft which you will need to make your sword. This mod adds the only armor set to MineCraft which base on SAO main character outfit Kirito who wear all back robe with no helmet. There also the bread and cream item that originate from Kirito first time meeting Asuna scene where Kirito teach Asuna how to improve the taste of the food in-game.

Expect more update to UCK’s Sword Art Online Mod soon. This mod currently is very promising and have gather high expectation from expected fan base. Let hope we can get to play the complete version of this mod soon cause i for once am looking forward to it. Remember to show your support by clicking like on our page and this website so that we can continue to provide you will update on MineCraft.

UCK’s Sword Art Online Mod Main Features

  • Base on Sword Art Online Animate
  • Add one armor set
  • Three new crafting material
  • Some unknow features which is there but have no effect yet

UCK’s Sword Art Online Mod Pros and Cons


  • Weapons are very well made with balance effect


  • You need to install the Minecraft Forge before playing the mod

How to install UCK’s Sword Art Online Mod

  1. Download and Install Forge into your computer and make sure it working
  2. Download UCK’s Sword Art Online Mod from our download link below
  3. Find Mod folder found in .minecraft
  4. Copy and Paste this mod into Mod Folder
  5. Done! Happy Gaming Fellow MineCrafter
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