Underground 2 Map

This is a new map which allow you guys to survival and let’s help you to get the new experience. However, if you found any problems with activation, please report it to us. Next, just download and install Underground 2 Map from below. Last, I would like to thanks ‘Xethyrious’ for the awesome map.

Underground 2 Map

Underground 2 Map Rule of the map :

  1. don’t try to escape the underground with any bugs, tricks or other ways
  2. don’t build nether portals in the nether to escape the underground

Underground 2 Map Main Features

  • Underground 2 is a 2000 x 2000 blocks big underground survival map for Minecraft.
  • The map is 256 blocks high with a changed placement of resources.

How to install Underground 2 Map

  1. Press Start menu, then type in %appdata% and look for ‘.minecraft’
  2. Look for ‘saves’ folder
  3. Drag the file downloaded ‘Underground 2 Map’ .zip and drop inside the ‘saves’ folder
  4. Done!
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