Underwater Utilities Mod

Underwater Utilities Mod

Another interesting mod that might be one of the mods that would make you great appreciate having it installed to your game client because of the convenience it has to offer and it’s called Underwater Utilities Mod. Normally, some people know that they spend a lot of time in the water like valuable resources or exotic fish, but it won’t be that easy or comfortable going under water right? Let’s see how the utilities in this mod will help you.




Underwater Utilities Mod is a mod that has been designed to give players more of the multiple different tools that can be used under water which will make everything water-based become a bit or a lot easier to deal with depending on individual players’ skills. First of all, you will receive the goggles which will allow you to swim much better and easier with clarity and clear sight. More than that, you will be getting your hands on SCUBA Tank and SCUBA Breather. These are the two items that will deal with the oxygen or breathing problem underwater. So, you don’t have to worry about spending long duration underwater and have to get back to the surface for fresh air. Basically, you can stay underwater for infinite amount of time as long as it’s not deeper than 2 meters below the surface. What I really love about this mod is that the items given are not really difficult or complicated to acquire. The recipes are really straightforward without requiring any rare components.

So, be sure to check this Underwater Utilities Mod out! It’s a very useful mod that allows you to move around underwater freely with ease, it’s just like you were born to be one of those animals living underwater. Or imagine how uncomfortable you would be when you are underwater without any utilities or helpers. This would help to get rid of some bad feelings toward it as well.

Underwater Utilities Mod Main Features

  • This mod implements the goggles, SCUBA Tank and SCUBA Breather
  • These items are supposedly applied to help players travel underwater with ease

Underwater Utilities Mod Pros and Cons


  • All the utilities given by the mod are really useful and convenient when it comes to swimming or diving
  • The recipes for most of the items are really straightforward
  • You won’t need rare components to craft these things
  • No pressure working underwater


  • This mod needs Minecraft Forge to work
  • It’s pretty overpowered as you can stay underwater as long as you want, the Tank needs to be filled once just to make it looks and feels more realistic

How to install Underwater Utilities Mod

  1. Download Minecraft Forge with the most compatible version and have it installed to your game first
  2. Download Underwater Utilities Mod from the link download below as well as the most compatible version
  3. Search for %appdata%
  4. Look for .minecraft folder and open in
  5. Head into mods folder
  6. Copy the downloaded file and paste it into this folder
  7. All done, start the game and have fun
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