Unexpected Map

The next map that also focuses on the dialogues or reading like this Unexpected Map will totally blow your mind by its storyline and the plot. The plot is very interesting, even if those who hate to read will eventually find this map satisfying to play with. There are not that many kind of maps like this one. Be sure to give it a go or you will be regretted.

Unexpected Map

Unexpected Map

Unexpected Map

Unexpected Map is one of the best map right now which has such a huge potential. Unfortunately, the approximate play time of this map is quite short. What you can expect from this map, you ask that? I would say, many dialogues that you have to read. But hey, don’t just quit yet, those dialogues will help you to understand the whole story. Basically, this map is just a short adventure map heavily based on the story as I mentioned that you must read all the dialogues. Mostly, this map focus on the plot which is extremely interesting and it’s about the story of Josh, a young man who is having a baby with his wife, Cheryl. Actually, even if this map is based on the adventure, and it’s not most likely to have any puzzle to solve, but there is which is just a simple puzzle that use many game mechanics. It won’t be that difficult though.

The hint that I would like to give you guys is that at the end of the story, you will probably cry as it will be very sad. What I find it troubling me is the [Next] that you have to click to progress. If you click it too many time rapidly, you will skip something which will backfire. Anyways, if you find this map interesting and you love to read and enjoy the interesting plot, this map is heavily recommended to you guys.

Unexpected Map Main Features

  • This map is based on the adventure map
  • There is a unique storyline provided and the map is heavily focused on the plot as well
  • A little puzzle that use many game mechanics added
  • The players will mostly has to read many dialogues to get to know the story
  • Each dialogues is controlled by the player

Unexpected Map Pros and Cons


  • Even if this map is short, but everything and storyline included make it much better and this map has such a huge potential with a little more improvement
  • Each dialogues you progress to is controlled by you, this feature is freaking awesome that the AI need our response


  • This map is just a short adventure map that focus heavily on the story, so if you don’t like reading anything in the chat box, this map is not for you
  • When you click [Next] rapidly, it could backfire you. You just need to click them only once and wait!

How to install Unexpected Map

  1. Scroll down until you see the download link that is highlighted below the page
  2. Once you are in the download link, look for the same version of Unexpected Map comparing to your game and download it
  3. Browse to %appdata%/.minecraft
  4. Go into saves folder
  5. Place the map file that you just downloaded into the saves folder
  6. Finished
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