Vampire Survival PvP Map

Another cool map that I would like you guys to check it out. This is a really interesting map which I had so much fun playing with my friends, so I can’t wait to share  this Vampire Survival PvP Map with you guys!

Vampire Survival PvP Map

Vampire Survival PvP Map 1

Vampire Survival PvP Map 2

Vampire Survival PvP Map is a really cool map that made by ‘Hypixel’, all credits to him. There will be only one vampire. Those who are being vampire will have to kill all town guards within 15 minutes and if you can’t, that means you lose, but there is nothing to worry about being vampire because you are invisible and that is quite cheat!

Not only those ability that you get, you are much faster than usual, but instead of getting those power, you will be very, VERY weak. Vampire can respawn instantly. Once any town guards get killed, their inventory will have nothing and will respawn as a vampire and you have your comrades :P. Once vampire kill  any villager they will unlock some special items such as spiders, better swords and potions. So that, they will get stronger, much stronger. So, in order to prevent that happen as a town guard, your job is to defend your team, the villagers and yourself as well.

Once villlagers are spawned, the beacon light will appear and that will show their position, so if you are a town guards, you must go there before vampire reach and get ready to defend and fight for your life. There is no reason to not play this map out right now!

Vampire Survival PvP Map Main Features

  • Add vampires roll and Town guards
  • The beacon light will show or pop up once the villagers are spawned

Vampire Survival PvP Map Pros and Cons


  • Amazing roll play given by this map which are vampire roll and town guard roll, both of them are fun to play with!
  • A really cool story line that you could enjoy with for hours
  • This map is really appropriated and recommended for everyone


  • If you can’t defend the villager, the vampire will get stronger each time they kill the villager, then you will lose for sure

How to install Vampire Survival PvP Map

  1. Download the Vampire Survival PvP Map
  2. Search for %appdata%
  3. Go into .minecraft folder and open saves folder
  4. Drag and drop the downloaded map into saves folder
  5. Run the game!
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