Vanilla Magic Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

There are so many magic related mods out there, but most of them are pretty complex to use because of the complicated process that you may be required to have at least 2-3 things in order to be able to use magic. I know that have been a quite annoying problem for most of us. So, why don’t we just find a magic related mod that doesn’t require you to have any item just to use it? That’s kind of impossible as it means that there is almost no any changes to the game. But hey! Look at this awesome Vanilla Magic Mod first and let’s judge its cover again!

Vanilla Magic Mod

Vanilla Magic Mod

Vanilla Magic Mod is mod that has been designed to focus on adding a load of new magic related features to the world of Minecraft. As the title suggests that it’s a Vanilla Magic, it means that there will be no any new items added into the game. So, how do we use the magic then? First of all, you are allowed to utilize various magical abilities through the Alter.

Before that, everything is depended on the standard Vanilla Minecraft items, so don’t expect that the magical abilities will be that extremely powerful. However, what you can expect from this magical alter is that the abilities to cast fireball, large fireballs, teleportation, and even a meteor shower. All you need to get started with is to craft the tier 1 Alter first by using Cauldron and Redstone around it. Also, there are currently 7 tiers of the Altar. Each tier will allow you to cast a better and bigger spell. What’s more is that there is a new system that offers players achievements as they progress through increasing the magical prowess.

Basically, you need to follow the instruction to complete all the quests in order to level up yourself and get yourself into a better spell. This Vanilla Magic Mod is a pretty good magic related mod as it will teach you to be patient that you have to follow the achievement tree line as well as completing the quests to be big in the future. Unlike any other mods that once you have a certain items you can even cause apocalypse to the world!

Vanilla Magic Mod Main Features

  • There is a load of magic related stuff added by this mod without having any new items implemented
  • There is a new creative achievement system added that allows players to keep track on their progression

Vanilla Magic Mod Pros and Cons


  • This is one of the magic mod that doesn’t require you to have any specific items in order to use the magic and that’s extremely convenient
  • Don’t expect something very powerful from these magic related features because everything is based on the Vanilla standard Minecraft, but thinking it inversely, it won’t ruin the game


  • The way to use this mod is quite complicated that you have to be well-prepared or else you will stuck in your head over and over again
  • Also, Minecraft Forge or Forge installer is recommended to maximize the full potential of the mod as well as making it work stably

How to install Vanilla Magic Mod

  1. Download Vanilla Magic Mod
  2. Download Minecraft Forge or Forge installer
  3. Install Forge first
  4. Copy the downloaded file
  5. Head yourself into your Minecraft directory
  6. Look for mods folder and open it
  7. Paste the downloaded copied file here
  8. Done
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