Verticity Map

Most of the parkour maps seem to boring as they come in the same patterning play style like one block in the air and jump to another one block in the air. That’s so boring, there is nothing challenging and enjoyable at all. I just want to point the fact out because what I’ve just experienced is much better than that. It is the parkour inside the tower which can be found in this Verticity Map.

Verticity Map

Verticity Map

Verticity Map is a map that will just give the players a very high tower! As this map is based on parkour maps, so all you have to do is to parkour to the top of this tower. By the way, don’t just climb up from the outside though as that’s going to be the stupidest thing that you’ve ever done. The title of the map and the tower say it all, you are going to run and jump through an upward path. Starting from the bottom of the map and have to get to the top with many different path of parkour style like ladder parkour, slime parkour, fence pakrour, cactus parkour, trapdoor parkour, shulker parkour, ice parkour, wall parkour, and invisible parkour. You are about to go up to 249 blocks long in this big structure.

Your only objective is to go to the top of the tower and get that diamonds that are located at the very top of this tower. It’s going to challenging you also have to adapt yourself for each styles of parkour that you are about to be facing. I don’t even have to say this, but obviously this map is one of the more challenging and enjoyable.You can find it in the Minecraft community right now. If you’ve already played with this map, I know that there are some points that seem to be impossible to go to, but as everything in this map has been tested from the very start to the end, there is nothing impossible. Let’s see if you can really maximize your own potential in parkour skill and beat this map.

This compelling parkour map will be suitable for everyone who loves to test their own skills in both running and jumping. However, playing with this Verticity Map, not only do you have to use running and jumping skills, but you also have to estimate the situation and adapt it to your very best to go through. Hope you play this map without any cheat or gamemode.

Verticity Map Main Features

  • This is a compelling parkour map which takes place in a tower that you have to go vertically an upward path to complete the map
  • The length of this tower is around 249 blocks long
  • There are multiple different types of parkour genres into the mix in the tower

Verticity Map Pros and Cons


  • This map is extremely easy, you just have to go up on an upward path to the top of the tower to get the diamond, so there is nothing that could give you headache while playing except some difficult path that you need to parkour through
  • There is not only simple and plan path to parkour to as in this tower, the genre of each parkour style is mix where you can have many different style with such challenging to go thorugh


  • This map is actually one of the most challenging parkour map available right now which is also quite impossible to beat at certain points. As a result, you might find some path too difficult for you
  • The space in the tower is quite narrow which you might feel uncomfortable

How to install Verticity Map

  1. Scroll down until you see the highlighted download link and click into it
  2. Look for the most compatible version of the map named Verticity Map
  3. Once you have downloaded the file, just navigate yourself into your Minecraft directory
  4. Or simply search for %appdata%/.minecraft
  5. Look for saves folder and open the folder
  6. Prepare the file and drop it in the saves folder
  7. All done
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