Village in a Tree Map

Let start this all new adventure today in tree map. You will find that it surprising good and very fun to play with. It doesn’t matter if you are playing this alone or with your friends. I’m sure you will fun and love this amazing Village in a Tree Map.

Village in a Tree Map

Village in a Tree Map

Village in a Tree Map

if you play this Village in a Tree Map with minecraft come alive mod, that will make you game interesting. It’s very fun when you install this map and play with other mod. While the village on the tree is there it doesn’t mean that everything else in Minecraft is gone, you can still explore and go mining while exploring dungeon and all. Just that you will be spawn right beside that very large tree that a lot of life in Minecraft call home.

Village in a Tree Map Main Features

  • There a giant tree where you spawn and right in the middle of that tree is a large village

Village in a Tree Map Pros and Cons


  • Tree house and Tree village are the same and it very insetting


  • This map doesn’t add much to MineCraft other than that big giant tree

How to install Village in a Tree Map

  1. Download the map from link below
  2. Locate save folder found in your Minecraft directory
  3. Copy and Paste the map into the save folder
  4. Start Up MineCraft
  5. Load game and choose Village in a Tree Map from one of the slot
  6. Done! Happy Gaming Fellow MineCrafter
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