Waila Mod

Do you ever get annoy by the lack of classification in MineCraft? If you do then Waila Mod will be like a God give to you. This mod function will blow your mind off, no more will you have done dig up some block to know what it is and no more will you have to wonder where that specific texture pack come from.

Waila Mod

Waila Mod 1

Waila Mod 2

Waila Mod is your classification system. You can adjust what information you want to see when you point your cursor at a particular block and you can see from the control menu which buttons does what and which mod or texture is it from. Then this mod will also help you with your crafting table. Just by clicking at it, a window pop up will pop up and show you how to craft that particular block! This mod will help you count your red stone power, this mod will tell you your current red stone switch, this mod will even tell you what a specific monster spawn! whether it skeleton archer or creeper.

Waila Mod will take your gaming to another level, it will save you a lot of time whether you are building stuff or just running around exploring. Go ahead and download this Mod and be prepared to amaze!

Waila Mod Main Features

  • The name Waila is short form from ” What Am I Looking AT?”
  • This mod is super useful as it will help identify what you are looking at
  • You are given the option to edit what information you want to see and what not

Waila Mod Pros and Cons


  • Help you identify what you are looking at and it will save you a lot of time
  • Will show you how to craft a particular block just by clicking on it


  • Require a lot of Plug in whether it Forge or NEI

How to install Waila Mod

  1. Make sure NEI is fully working and functioner
  2. Download Forge and make sure it working
  3. Download and install the Waila Mod from our download link below
  4. Copy and Paste everything into the Mods folder found in your MineCraft Directory
  5. Done!
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