The Walls 2: PvP Survival Map

Intelligent and Teamwork are two of the most important quality that you need to survive in The Walls 2: PvP Survival Map. This map is the sequel to the popular The Wall. While the rules and the set up is pretty much in place, you will still need a set of player that willing to play fair and follow to the rules. Cheating of any form in this map will result in making this map not that much fun to play around with. Even if there is admin in this map who will oversee the whole event. You still can pretty much break the rules if you want to. So in order for you to enjoy this map to the fullness you need a bunch of trustworthy people who will follow the rules and play fairly.

The Walls 2: PvP Survival Map

The Walls 2: PvP Survival Map

With The Walls 2: PvP Survival Map, you will be place in a box like environment with your chosen team-mate. You will need to plan and work with your friends and prepare yourself for battle. You will be surrounded by walls with a timer on top that will indicate the count down to the battle. There will be four teams in this map. The objective is when the timer count down reach zero, all the wall that separate all the four team will fall down and you will be in some sort of battle royal in the middle. There will be a bunch of Diamond in the middle which you can use to craft diamond gear which will give you an advantage in battle. It will be all about killing.

The Walls 2: PvP Survival Map is actually very well made and very fun to play with. Other than battling you will need to have keen observation skill to observe your enemy and plan your next move. So it not only about muscle. Remember to show your support by clicking on the like button on this page and website.

The Walls 2: PvP Survival Map Main Features

  • Survival Battle Style Theme Map
  • Each will have different box to prepare themselves in
  • Timer countdown to battle in the middle

The Walls 2: PvP Survival Map Pros and Cons


  • Very fun survival PVP style map to play with


  • Require people to follow the rules

How to Install The Walls 2: PvP Survival Map

  1. Download The Walls 2: PvP Survival Map from our download link below
  2. Find Save Folder found in your MineCraft Directory
  3. Copy and Paste this map into the Save Folder
  4. Start up MineCraft Press Load Save and Choose this map
  5. Done! Happy Gaming Fellow MineCrafter
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