The Walls PvP Survival Map

Today, I have a PVP map to present to you guys called The Walls PvP Survival Map. This one is heavily recommended for those who love to PvP, you will have a few time gathering your materials to make your armors and weapons, and more. Then when the time is come, you will have to be ready to face off other people, if not you will be victims.

The Walls PvP Survival Map

The Walls PvP Survival Map

The Walls PvP Survival Map which is based on survival play inspired by the popular well-known book series and movie called The Hunger Games. It’s like a FFA arena-type map where every player must fend for themselves in order to fight for their lives. The beginning of the map, the host or admin will place each player in one of those cell which has 4 areas. Those players will have like 15 minutes to find and gather materials to make food, trap, shelter, armors, and weapons before the a big huge sand walls drop. Then, they are allowed to go out of their area to face off against other plays. The main goal, or objective is to kill every single player, and the last man standing will be the winner.

There are some rules included :

  • 1) Wait for the host giving you your cell,
  • 2) Do not break any sand blocks on wall,
  • 3) Do not build things over the sand walls’ height,
  • 4) Do not go beyond the bedrock, simply do not pass bedrock,
  • 5) When the game begins, your cell will rise up and you can start gathering resources,
  • 6) When 15 minutes passed the sand walls will drop then you go out hunting players,
  • 7) Do everything, whatever that could make you win (without cheating of course), 8) The last man standing is the winner !

The Walls PvP Survival Map Main Features

  • This map is perfect for PvP server.
  • Really cool big huge walls that separate 4 areas each.
  • If you love PvP style, why not give The Walls PvP Survival Map a try. This map is going to be perfect and best fits for pvp server!

The Walls PvP Survival Map Pros and Cons


  • This map is freaking awesome
  • It’s going to be so much fun if you use this map as a contest


  • There is no bad point in this awesome map, in my opinion !

The Walls PvP Survival Map Change Log

  • Pig eggs removed
  • Random items floating around removed
  • 25 seeds in starting chest added
  • Minutes changed
  • Compatibility with the latest version of Minecraft

How to install The Walls PvP Survival Map

  1. Browse to %appdata% and look for ‘.minecraft’ folder
  2. Find ‘saves’ folder
  3. Drag and drop the file downloaded ‘The Walls PvP Survival Map’ into the ‘saves’ folder
  4. Launch the game
  5. Select the map from your saves
  6. Enjoy
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