Warp Scrolls Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

A pretty new mod that seems to be related with a number of mods out there that have teleportation stuff involved is a mod called Warp Scrolls Mod. So, this mod will just go the same way like that, but instead of having to craft a ton of stuff before you are allowed to teleport, you only need to craft a single piece of item and it’s ready to use.

Warp Scrolls Mod

Warp Scrolls Mod

Warp Scrolls Mod is a mod that is based on the teleportation mods out there, but it seems like this mod is so simple and easy to use. As mentioned that you don’t have to craft a ton of machine or stuff that is a needed to follow regulation before you can teleport. All you need is a piece of paper together with an ender pearl. Once you have these two, you can then craft the warp scroll.

After that, you just start to set its coordinates to whatever location you’re currently at like your home. Then, you are good to do for a very far distance. Whenever you feel like it’s necessary just simply right click when sneaking and let the scroll do the work by returning you to the current coordinates that you’ve set. Also, it may not be that important about exact number of coordinates, but we can easily forget them if we’re reckless. So, you can even check it by reading them in the tooltip of the scroll. Upon using the scroll once, it will start to be vanished as it’s set in the default setting in the config file. So, it depends on your preference whether you want to set it to be used for many times or just 1 time just like the default one.

Anyways, this Warp Scrolls Mod will be just like a double-edged sword, if you use it wisely and not too many time, it’s going to be extremely useful acting as your best gadget. However, using it too many times as well as changing the config about its quantity to be used, that’s probably going to ruin the aspect of your gameplay experience for 100% sure.

Warp Scrolls Mod Main Features

  • There is a new item implemented into the world of Minecraft and it is the warp scroll
  • The warp scroll is used to teleport you or the user to the place where you’ve already store the coordinates before
  • It can be used only once before it vanishes, but can be changed in the config file

Warp Scrolls Mod Pros and Cons


  • This warp scroll is so convenient and cheap as you only need an ender pearl and a piece of paper
  • You don’t have to craft a ton of stuff in order to teleport yourself, just craft this scroll then set up the current coordinates, go somewhere else gathering resources and just use it to return to the point where you’ve saved


  • As it can be configured of how many times this scroll can be used, so that’s quite powerful because this thing only requires a piece of paper and an ender pearl
  • This mod needs Minecraft Forge in order to run smoothly without any problem occurs while playing

How to install Warp Scrolls Mod

  1. Download Minecraft Forge install it first
  2. Download the mod named Warp Scrolls Mod with .jar or .zip file
  3. Browse to %appdata% and look for .minecraft
  4. Head into mods folder
  5. Copy and paste the downloaded mod file here
  6. Finish
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