Water Shader Mod

Are you looking for a mod that does not just add new things to the world instead of that just add something new that will help to improve the game quality like the animation in the game. If there is a mod that improve the game quality, I would really like to try it once. Finally I found it, the mod that is called Water Shader Mod. This mod will help to improve the water quality into the another brand new aspect of the game that you will never expect it to be before!

Water Shader Mod

Water Shader Mod

Water Shader Mod

Water Shader Mod is a mod which made by ‘Necrowizzard’. It is a mod that does what the title says. As you know that Minecraft is such a beautiful game. That most of the blocks has their own individual colored and textured styles, all the biomes are pretty well-arranged to make the game becomes more realistic without using any new texture pack or mod pack still the game itself look so good in its way. but there is only thing that is the problems in Minecraft which water, it just looks blue, a rough blue that have no addition textures, have no depth, no flowing, only one color that will show no matter even if the atmosphere has changed. With this mod installed will help you to solve those problems about water. This amazing mod will help to make your water look so freaking awesome. The water will be more reflective, have more reflection. It will look more realistic, be to way the water should be. With this mod you might enjoy swimming or travelling by boat much more. I would spend hours just watching how progress of water is!

If you find this mod helpful in order to make your water animation in Minecraft get better, why not give Water Shader Mod a go now. There is a link download below waiting for you!

Water Shader Mod Main Features

  • This mod improves the graphics of water inside Minecraft world
  • Shading and reflections added, things will be more animated

Water Shader Mod Pros and Cons


  • The water animation gets better by adding some shading and reflection in it


  • This mod requires Modloader or Minecraft Forge in order to properly install and use it without any problems occurred

Water Shader Mod Change Log

  • Some minor bug issues fixed
  • Compatibility with the latest version of Minecraft

How to install Water Shader Mod

  1. Download and install Modloader or Minecraft Forge for more features available
  2. Download Water Shader Mod from the download link below
  3. Browse to %appdata% and look for ‘.minecraft’ folder
  4. Find ‘mods’ folder
  5. Drag and drop the downloaded file into the ‘mods’ folder
  6. Start the game
  7. Check if the mod is completely installed
  8. Enjoy!
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