Wave Heroes Map

Another cool map which made by a very popular creator named is Hypixel. I bet that most of you guys Minecrafters would know or familiar with this name! The map that I’m going to show you guys is called Wave Heroes Map. Hope you have loads of fun given by this map.

Wave Heroes Map

Wave Heroes Map

Wave Heroes Map

Wave Heroes Map is a pretty cool map with a pretty great designs for the players to have most of fun given. This map is a 1vs1 survival wave map, but it’s not that you will have to fight directly with each other. This map requires 2 players per round, the round will finish when other player dies. To start the game you and your friends must press start for each side, when the game is started there is no turning back anymore because one of you are going to die! The main objective is to survive as long as you can by using your own strategies, for example buy and upgrade your armors and weapons, or send extra monsters to your opponent, or even send water strikes to make your opponent have some trouble of moving from the shop.

You might farm and stack up your money to spam buying multiple monsters in next wave, same monsters can be bought for multiple times as well. There is a giant board which will show what wave is coming with a countdown. The color shows the difficulty and the currency, like White is easy, Yellow is normal, Orange or Red is hard, something like that. The symbol – sign on the board will warn you that water strike is coming, + sign show that extra monsters are coming. If you are going to die or have a low health, there is health potions available in the shop as well, but make your that your shop is online by seeing the redstone lamp, if the light is off you might have to wait a few second to buy. Players must compete to be the last man standing!

Anyways, if you find this map exciting and interesting to play with, I have a link download for you below, be sure not to miss it! I hope you would have a great time with your buddies playing this amazing Wave Heroes Map.

Wave Heroes Map Main Features

  • This is a 1v1 survival map
  • Sending each other extra monsters
  • Water Strikes to your opponent
  • Buying things in the shop to make yourself become stronger or sending extra monster to your opponent

Wave Heroes Map Pros and Cons


  • Loads of fun given by this map
  • If you feel bored of Minecraft right now, like you have nothing to do anymore except building house, this map is for you
  • Playing with your best friends is the most things we love to do (troll them though)


  • Anyways, even if you can win your friends, but it is not finished yet, you will have to survive as long as you can, and the last wave is freaking impossible! I can’t even finish if off even if the next try of me would be the 14 tries

How to install Wave Heroes Map

  1. Download Wave Heroes Map from the download link below
  2. Browse to %appdata% and look for ‘.minecraft’ folder
  3. Find ‘saves’ folder
  4. Drag and drop the downloaded file into the ‘saves’ folder
  5. Start the game
  6. Select the downloaded map from your saves
  7. Have fun
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