Wayukians Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.7.2

It is still by far one of the better texture pack around. Wayukians Texture Pack have some really good features. Whether it is Farm animals, Ender dragon, Ender sky and portal effect, GUI, Armor sets, Statistics icons, Precipitation, Character skin, Icons, HUD interferences, Terrain, Clouds. While it also includes Custom Color support and Custom water and lava animation, these two features however require MCPatcher for it to work.

Wayukians Texture Pack

Wayukians Texture Pack

Wayukians Texture Pack

When you think of Wayukians Texture Pack, think of Progressive Era for us mankind. Imagine you are back to an age where wildlife is an imminent threat, and farmer and civilian alike all have basic self-defense skill to protect themselves from this threat. People throwing spear at monster/dragon, Sky can be beautifully scene yet at time it will make you hair tinker and it will send shiver down to your spinal cord.

Wayukians Texture Pack actually upgrade MineCraft as a whole while sticking to the same origin and base that make MineCraft so Popular. This texture pack also adds more weapons and armors to what MineCraft originally have and this include enchantment too. I won’t go as far to say that this texture pack make Should be MineCraft 2.0, It more like a patch that improve the overall engine of the game. Those that love how MineCraft work, this texture pack is something you must definitely have.

Wayukians Texture Pack Main Features

  • Improve Graphic for most of the original MineCraft Interferences and Features
  • Added Extra Armor and Weapon Set
  • Resolution 16 x 16

Wayukians Texture Pack Pros and Cons


  • Improve MineCraft overall features and graphics, Added Extra Weapon and Armor Sets


  • It doesn’t really add anything more than what MineCraft already offer except for Weapon and Armor sets, It is still not 100% in completion rate

How to Install Wayukians Texture Pack

  1. You will need Either of MCPatcher or Optifine
  2. Download Wayukians Texture Pack into your computer
  3. Startup MineCraft
  4. Choose Mods and Texture pack under Multiplayer Option
  5. A Folder will open up
  6. Open up Texture Pack Folder
  7. Copy the downloaded Wayukians Texture Pack and paste it in (Don’t extract it)
  8. Turn the texture pack on before playing
  9. Happy Dragon Hunting Fellow MineCrafter
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