Wearables Mod

This’s a special suit which allow you to adds many feature of wearable items and add some of function. You can build your own colored and customize what you want. So, let’s start to check this Wearables Mod out.

Wearables Mod

Wearables Mod 1

Wearables Mod 2

Wearables Mod 3

Okay guys! before you begin or doing anything, they have more feature which you guys should study by your self. So, I would like to explain some feature that important and you guys should to know before playing this Wearables Mod. Let’s try to check out in the main features

Wearables Mod Main Features

  • First of all, in the wearable creation process that including about create Wearable Fabricator. This’s amazing features that allow you to combined with wearable items and mix your suit match. Then, if you already create the ‘Wearable Fabricator’ when you interacting with the block, it will bring a GUI show up. So, you guys can choose components to create by press clicking and you can preview the ingredient list.
  • Moreover, you can customize your color from the Colorizer GUI and drop the Wearable Component into middle slot. Then, it will allow you to drag the three sliders on the right for change ‘RGB’ and you will got the component out. Just, move to the Wearable Assembler and etc.

Wearables Mod Pros and Cons


  • It’s add new features to help you get new special suit of wearable items
  • You can create own colored and customize your suit what you want.
  • Some feature that allow you to get jetpack and wings


  • This’s another cool features and requires LLibrary before install this mod.
  • Next, install the minecraft forge and make sure you have the right version!

How to install Wearables Mod

  1. Download and install the LLibrary Mod at the begin.
  2. Download the Minecraft forge before playing this mod.
  3. Then, go to download and install the Wearables Mod
  4. Run at windows menu bar and type %appdata%
  5. Looking file .minecraft and check out the mods folders
  6. Drag and drop the file downloaded .jar into mods folders
  7. Open your Minecraft Launcher and playing!
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