What’s Missing Map

I have a really interesting map that just from the first glance of mine was attracted by this awesome map called What’s Missing Map. I don’t exaggerate, but it just seems to best suit my taste maybe lol. I really love this kind of map that will test your memory and the possibilities. Much challenge and much fun!

What’s Missing Map

What’s Missing Map is a map based on the possibility and your memory about what you’ve seen before. You might still be confused about this map right? First of all, this map will give you 5 levels with different simple builds. In the first stage of the 20 seconds, you will be allowed to take a really close look to all the building used and everything. You’d better try to remember everything correctly. When the time runs out, you will have to go into the building again and you will see that there are something missing and when started in your inventory will be given all the items needed to be filled. It’s kind of like fill in the blank as you can see in the exam paper, but this time it’s the structure and in the world of Minecraft. If you have misplaced a block, don’t worry about that because there is a reset button, you can try as much as you can, but if you really have no idea or you can’t really do it. You can skip the level, but you will not really receive the actual loads of fun given by this map for sure. Be sure to give it all your best for the best experience you will get from playing with it.

If you find this map has potential as I do, be sure to give it a go and try to play with it. Loads of fun will be gradually given as you go through each levels. I really hope that there will be more levels of this What’s Missing Map, I actually enjoyed it a lot and I hope you guys will too.

What’s Missing Map Main Features

  • This is a fast paced map where you have to figure out what’s missing as fast as possible
  • There are 5 levels with different simple builds
  • You will be seeing the build for only 20 seconds and you have to figure out where should be placed and filled, it’s kind of like fill in the blank, but in the term of the game Minecraft

What’s Missing Map Pros and Cons


  • Loads of fun which is also very challenging map that you have to bring out the best of you about the creativity and possibility that you have to figure out


  • Sometimes only 20 seconds of seeing the completed version is not really enough, it might be a little bit too hard though

How to install What’s Missing Map

  1. Clicking the highlighted download link
  2. Select the version that is the same as your game which also name What’s Missing Map 
  3. Check if it’s a .jar or .zip file
  4. Head into your saves folder in Minecraft directory or simply searching for %appdata%/.minecraft
  5. Find saves folder and open it
  6. Put the downloaded file here
  7. Done
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