WhiskyTangoFox’s Mod

The new mod that I’ve been experiencing for times which I find it really interesting and quite useful for me, so I would like to share with you guys with the mod called WhiskyTangoFox’s Mod. Which inside this mod you will find 4 different mods inside, let’s check it out!

WhiskyTangoFox’s Mod

WhiskyTangoFox’s Mod

WhiskyTangoFox’s Mod is a really interesting mod made by WhiskytangoFox which you will find 4 different types of mod inside this one including of CaveBiomes mod, WhiskyTangoFox’s Tweaks, WhiskyTangoFox’s Ores, WhiskyTangoFox’s Crops. Each of the mod will provide you the new contents which will really make your day and even make you satisfied with the features given. Beginning with the first one the CaveBiomes which is the mod centered under the concept of making underground cave exploration to be much more interesting.

The next one WTF-Tweaks is a mod that will lightly tweaks gameplay to make the game slightly less about digging holes and exploring coming up with new features including of harder mining, nitre and sulphur ores, better explosions, falling dirt and cobblestone, tinkers constructs. And the other two I won’t tell you what exactly the content are about, but for brief which the one of them is about the new ores which is very simple helping generating new ores in shaped veins and blobs. The Last one is the newest about the crops.

These mods in WhiskyTangoFox’s Mod are really useful for me and will be for everyone too! If you are looking for or wanting some kind of these mods, you can find them in here just download and install then sit back, relax and enjoy!

WhiskyTangoFox’s Mod Main Features

  • 4 different mods included with differently unique new things added
  • All the mods focus on enhancing the cave biome, tweak, ores, crops and many new things added

WhiskyTangoFox’s Mod Pros and Cons


  • 4 mods included in this one and they are all useful and interesting
  • Loads of fun and new contents which will brighten up your day and your world of Minecraft


  • This mod use Minecraft Forge to runs the mod and stabilize the game without getting crashed

How to install WhiskyTangoFox’s Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge first as it’s the helper in stabilizing the mod not to face game crashed
  2. Download WhiskyTangoFox’s Mod from the link given below
  3. Be sure to download the version that most appropriated or suitable to your game’s version
  4. Go to your Minecraft directory which should be %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/mods
  5. Put the whole downloaded file into the mods folder
  6. Start the game and enjoy!
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