Wild West Warrior Map

Unlike any other adventure map, this Wild West Warrior Map gives you the open-world feature which will make the whole gameplay much better as the players have the freedom to do anything that is not out of the box. As you can see the title of the map, it will be basically taken place in the Wild West region that you often see in the movie. It’s the place full of bandits and criminals with all the settlements ruled under the law. Let’s see what your job is and what you have to do in this awesome map.

Wild West Warrior Map

Wild West Warrior Map

Wild West Warrior Map

Wild West Warrior Map is an adventure map based made by ondreakensteyn. First of all, when you have this map loaded and you are about to start playing the game, you will find yourself in a wild west region which is the place that you’ve been traveling to and now you are at your destination. As you know this is the place that is far from the standard rules that you see in the middle of the city. Therefore, all settlements are ruled by the outlaws. You also find out that the local sheriff is too old and he’s simply not capable of taking care of the criminals in the region. Basically, you will act as the representatives to take on that duties for the sheriff and everything is up to you. Let’s see how you are going to solve all the problems and clear the region from the criminals. This map is actually fantastic that will take you on an insanely fun adventure and open-world full of thrill and intensity together with the interesting plot twist. All you have to do is to bring the peace to the region again by get rid of those bandits or the criminals and make the settlements of the area released from the outlaws. Once you’ve done everything and all the bandits and outlaws are gone, now it’s the time to restore to its once peaceful and beautiful region where the locals could live happily without having to worry about being oppressive by those bad guys anymore.

This Wild West Warrior Map is one of a few open world based map. Open world means that you are able to do things on your terms without having to be strict to the rules, you get the independent to do anything which this feature will always make players enjoy quite a lot. Moreover, other than the main quest that you have to do, you can go do something else like hunting as well, as that is one of the feature offered by this map too.

Wild West Warrior Map Main Features

  • This map is based on the adventure maps
  • All the story you will be playing are taken place in the wild west region
  • This map is the open world map, so there will be a lot of thing and place for you to explore and discover

Wild West Warrior Map Pros and Cons


  • With the Faithful 32x Resource Pack installed, it will help to synergize very well with the textures implemented that will provide the better atmosphere affecting the feeling when played with the better and enjoyable experience
  • This map is one of the few open world maps out there allowing you to do things on your terms without having to be only the little box
  • You don’t actually have to focus and try to finish the main quest as fast as possible as there is something alongside that you can do like some great hunting features
  • The storyline and the gameplay is absolutely amazing that provide such fun and enjoyable experience


  • There is absolutely nothing bad about this awesome map except that there should be more contents added like the longer gameplay with more areas added that could be explored as well
  • Once thing that need to be fixed as soon as possible is the noticeable bug with settlements not spawning from time to time which you have to walk about 60 blocks away from them and just return to make it refresh

How to install Wild West Warrior Map

  1. Scroll down until you see the download link and click in
  2. Look for Wild West Warrior Map file with the most compatible version and download it
  3. Search for %appdata% and look for .minecraft folder
  4. Open .minecraft folder and head into saves folder
  5. Drop the downloaded new map here inside the saves folder
  6. Select and apply the new map in-game
  7. Have fun
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