Wither’s Challenge Map

Looking for a map to play with your friends? If you do, I would like to suggest you Minecrafters to give this awesome map a go which is called Wither’s Challenge Map. You will certainly enjoy and have so much fun with your friends.

Wither's Challenge Map

Wither’s Challenge Map is a really cool map which is made by well-known creative designer name is ‘Hypixel’ Don’t you guys know him? He is a very talent guy which keep coming up with his awesome piece or art work. Now, it is an adventure map that will do like what the title says which is about Wither. This map is like a mini game for you to enjoy with, will you fight your way to the top of the tower and overcome the wither’s challenge? All the map designs look so epic, it is like you are delivered into another world that is not Minecraft, but some another adventure game that full of challenge and loads of fun. It is quite a bit difficult because there are so many mobs like zombies, spiders, and more that keep coming out of no where. You will have to fight to open your way to the Wither’s room and defeat him to win this map. How is it? It sound freaking exciting right? As I typing right now just after I finished this map, still I feel very excited to review about how awesome this map is. So, that’s enough, I won’t spoil much or you guys will lose your attention or interesting about this map.

If you are bored with Minecraft right now? Why not check this awesome Wither’s Challenge Map out! Another load of fun that you have never faced before are waiting for you to discover with. Note! Be sure to have fun while playing this awesome map!

Wither’s Challenge Map Main Features

  • It is an adventure map
  • A lot of mobs spawning out of nowhere that keep waiting to interrupted you
  • There are 4 uniquely themed floors each
  • There are 4 intense waves of enemies in each floor

Wither’s Challenge Map Pros and Cons


  • This map requires no mods which is awesome! You just install the map and play it immediately!
  • There are classes for you to choose and play with including Demon Hunter, Paladin, and Shadow Knight!
  • All monster are customized with tiers


  • You might get some lag because there are quite much detail, so if you face this problems just turn off smooth lighting, then you will be good

How to install Wither’s Challenge Map

  1. Download the Wither’s Challenge Map for the latest version or the version that suit your Minecraft best
  2. Browse to your .minecraft by searching for %appdata% from the start menu
  3. Look for saves folder
  4. Then, you just copy and paste or drag the downloaded file into saves folder
  5. Start the game, select the map from your new game play
  6. Have fun challenging with the Wither!
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