World Downloader Mod

This mod has been designed by a team of developers “nairol” later they were giving up on developing the new version. But in the end we found a new team formed and they intend to develop this work further. They have several performance improvements and the addition of new features in this version of World Downloader Mod. This is the work that has been ongoing. I’m sure that if you download and install the World Downloader Mod. This is a version that allows you to get more benefits.

World Downloader Mod

You can view the instructions video on working. And how to install it from here. If you encounter any problems or errors. Please leave your comment box.

World Downloader Mod Main Feature

Whenever you feel the need to download something that you have created on the server . This is a tool to help you manage your portfolio keep it private. It can block all within a radius of 1600 blocks (it will save from the blocks 0 to max height 127) In addition, it can help you to saves the seed and your inventory of the world and help you keep creative works (game mode creative or survival) and help you keep experience.

World Downloader Mod Changelogs

  • Fixed and update bug
  • beta is coming
  • Working in last version! (look at link download)

How to install World Downloader Mod

  1. Download this mod
  2. Open up to Minecraft.jar folder
  3. Delete META-INF folder
  4. Copy and place in the Mod files into Minecraft.jar folder
  5. Over-write the existing files
  6. Done!
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