WorldBorder Bukkit

Are you getting tired of people who come over your place to destroy the blocks, stealing things, and irritating. I’d like to recommend you the plugin that help you to create your own area to prevent anything from coming in. It sounds great huh? This plugin is called WorldBorder Bukkit.

WorldBorder Bukkit

WorldBorder Bukkit

WorldBorder Bukkit

WorldBorder Bukkit is the plugin that help to provide a border which is round, square, elliptic or rectangular depending on your preference for each of your area to prevent other players from coming in. It helps to protect your stuff, like items, food, blocks, environment surroundings, and most of the people would put stuff like that in your place right ? It’s a awesome plugin for people who love the peacefulness. You can call for the command in-game option which is ‘/wb’ and there will be more options showed. You can set your world border to be small or large radius as you want and not only radius that can be set, but the shape and corner also. Also you can clear the border by typing ‘/wb clear’ and that will remove the border of your world.

So, this plugin is best suit for people who love to be peaceful, who are getting tired of annoyed people. WorldBorder Bukkit is recommended.

WorldBorder Bukkit Main Features

  • You can set up any separate border depending on your preference, but only one border per world
  • The configuration of the border can be set up by using commands in-game
  • A bypass command that will allow the specific players beyond
  • You can use this plugin with DynMap to see if the borders are displayed
  • You can set either round/elliptic/ square/ rectangular
  • Fill command
  • Trim command

WorldBorder Bukkit Change Log

  • New command added ‘/wb help’
  • Command handler code is much better

WorldBorder Bukkit Pros and Cons


  • Prevent people from irritating
  • Be peaceful, and private


  • Sometimes, if making a really large border that can be crashed the server
  • Some people can be able to walk past the borders

How to install WorldBorder Bukkit

  1. Download the WorldBorder Bukkit plugin
  2. Place the .jar and the rest files in your plugins folder
  3. Run the server and wait for it the properly loaded
  4. Type stop in your Minecraft server console
  5. Run the server
  6. Enjoy, the plugin should be fully loaded and ready to be used
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