WorldPainter Mod

Do you wish you have more control and power over the world of MineCraft that you are playing in? What if i say you could install the WorldPainter Mod ? This is a graphical and interactive map generator and editor. It is identical to World Edit but this is more friendly user and easy to learn.

WorldPainter Mod

With WorldPainter Mod that have privet server or those that are trying to create their own adventure map will find this mod very helping. You can create your own custom biome, you can create your own brushes, you can add your own object and many more with this mod. Basically you can edit everything in MineCraft to suit your own need and want. There no limit to what you can do to MineCraft world with this mod. You will probably need to draft out a plan of your future world, draw them out then planning the building stage carefully. Then start doing it for real with this mod. From normally you will probably spend weeks trying to create what you want with creative mod you can now do all that in about a few hours with this mod. That how awesome this mod is.

Whether you love or hate this WorldPainter Mod. There no argue that this mod will help make your life easier in MineCraft. Further more you don’t need MineCraft to make this mod work. Cause this is a stand alone program style. So you just have to download and extract it then run the WorldPainter.exe.

WorldPainter Mod Main Features

  • Ability to customize everything in MineCraft to suit your need
  • Easy to use yet flexible and powerful tool

WorldPainter Mod Pros and Cons


  • Ability to edit everything in MineCraft is a given
  • Easy to use and no additional programe needed


  • Will only appeal to those who work with MineCraft more than playing with it

How to install WorldPainter Mod

  1. Download and install the Minecraft Forge
  2. Go to ‘run’ at your windows menu bar
  3. Type %appdata%
  4. Extract the download file and drop .jar into your mods folders
  5. Happy Gaming Fellow MineCrafter!
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