Wrath of the Fallen Adventure Map

Are you looking for an adventure map that you could play for hours to finish it out, but that is not the point of what a good map should be. A good map should be fun which will not make you bored, so I would like you to check this Wrath of the Fallen Adventure Map out if it is good or not! Here are some awesome screenshots for you to check it out!

Wrath of the Fallen Adventure Map

Wrath of the Fallen Adventure Map

Wrath of the Fallen Adventure Map is an awesome adventure map which made by ‘Hypixel’. This map really reminds of an old RPG game which bring out the best atmosphere that also makes the aspect of the game play look so interesting and that is what make this map attractive as well. This is an action role-playing adventure map that requires 2 players. There are many rooms both seen and hidden, so be sure that you won’t miss anything. There are customized monster, custom shops, custom events, and custom potions as well. Inside this game, you will not only have to adventure, but there are some new unique boss fights for you to make the game become much better.

If you find this awesome Wrath of the Fallen Adventure Map interesting, why not give this one a go for the best adventuring experience that you will ever get by this one! Note, be sure to have some fun.

Wrath of the Fallen Adventure Map Main Features

  • “Shoot the target” messages on Blezius added
  • A really nice details after magmo fights
  • 6 uniques boss fights
  • Customized mosnters
  • Custom shops
  • Custom events
  • 3 optional mini bosses
  • Custom potions
  • Requires about 2 hours to finish the whole game play

Wrath of the Fallen Adventure Map Pros and Cons


  • Many new unique boss fights for you to enjoy with
  • This map is 100% complete
  • A very nice detail for the castle
  • Both interior and exterior designs are freaking awesome


  • I can’t find anything bad in this map except this map is really large, maybe too large, so that you might get lost easily

Wrath of the Fallen Adventure Map Change Log

  • Rare issues with the Mad King door not working fixed
  • Magmo moved a bit
  • Invincible bugged Captain Huk and adds
  • A check point to the town hall added

How to install Wrath of the Fallen Adventure Map

  1. Download Wrath of the Fallen Adventure Map from the download link below
  2. Go to start menu, type in %appdata%
  3. Look for .minecraft folder
  4. Find saves folder
  5. Once you found it, just simple drag and drop the downloaded file into saves folder
  6. Start the game
  7. Select the new map from new single play, if there is nothing changed just do how to install it again
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