X Ray Texture Pack For Minecraft 1.10.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10/1.7.2

Hello to all you fans of the game Minecraft. We believe that many of the people were happy and contented in playing this game so much. After the team’s Minecraft, Have started to update to the latest version, we found that many people focus on the game. Minecraft more. So today I’m pleased to offer this program to create a concept that most of the developers, it helps you to find dungeons quickly and easily, in addition, if you use it to avoid. danger of lava or use this model to find caves, mines, quarries, etc. … Just install this version and use it. You will find the transparency of the block, and it makes the game easier and more fun. I hope you will be a great experience and great for playing this game. If you find any problems or errors, please report this to us … Last, the best xray texture packs is not complete with current Minecraft version, just only complete 50%. So! please wait for update as soon!

X Ray Texture Pack

Xray Texture Packs advantages and disadvantages.

Okay guy! If you are below this message, it means that you are interested in it and you want to download and install this version. However Xray Texture Packs created with the aim to make the experience of playing Minecraft has been great fun and a new experience, and also to make it easier to play the game. It also includes :

  • A transparent texture pack for Minecraft
  • A wireframe texture pack for Minecraft
  • An x-ray texture pack for Minecraft
  • A wallhack for Minecraft

X Ray Texture Pack

X Ray Texture Pack Description

This is quick and simple, but very effective texture pack allowing you to find things quicker (diamonds etc.) or even to steal peoples things on servers. However many players download the “X Ray Texture Pack” we will found something….

X Ray Texture Pack Features

Okay guy! When you start working in this version, you will find with this Texture Pack you can change all textures to be transparent. Now what you will see is only the border around the blocks. X Ray Texture Pack will make you life much more easier. So, If you would like to find diamonds, gold, and lapis lazuli as easy as finding sand. I recommend you to use this version. X Ray Texture Pack will allow you to actually see where you are going. it works well with switching between texture packs quickly, like the X-Ray.

X Ray Texture Pack Changelogs

Update new release with current Minecraft version.

How to Install X Ray Texture Pack

  1. Download X Ray Texture Pack
  2. Save the pack’s zip file in minecraft “texturepacks” folder (don’t extract)
  3. Download MCPatcher HD
  4. Run “mcpatcherhd” then click patch, close it when its done
  5. Run minecraft then go to mods and texturepack and select XRay pack
  6. Select your “X Ray Texture Pack” in game.
  7. Finished.
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